@pixelfed Would work on a ? How much memory/CPU/disk does it require ?

@nicobo @pixelfed no experience with running on but from vps testing, it seems to require 2GB of memory to run smoothly. originally thought 512MB would be plenty enough for what it does but crashes on updates. asked similiar question couple of months ago so hopefully there's an official answer to requirements

@okpierre @nicobo 2gb sounds like way too much. but anyway the thing to worry about with SBCs is if they're 32-bit then they will have issues with snowflake id generation. a more thorough examination of requirements should be available later, after we have reproducible installs based on the updated docs

@trwnh @okpierre @nicobo So if I understand there'll be at least a problem storing those 64 bits numbers (of which I just learned the existence)... Luckily the latest is 64 bits ;-)

@trwnh @nicobo agree 2GB is way too much on VPS. Will try to run few tests when I get a chance and report the error

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