If a time is internal to your application, use milliseconds (or something more precise depending on your use-case). Parsing dates and times is the surest path to madness.

finally getting started on my new year's resolution: nicseltzer.com/2019/02/10/s3-a

only able to recover a single article from my former blog - honestly there probably wasn't many more than that.

Alrighty - S3 acting as a release repository. Time to go to work-work!

Officially cut out Lombok in all my personal projects in favor of Immutables. This is excitement at its finest.

Java: Write Once, Run Anywhere. Tests pass on macOS. Tests fail on Windows10. :pika:

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Monday is Data Privacy Day. Celebrate by clicking on a thai death metal video & letting autoplay follow that connection in the background for a week.

Basic jest is pretty 🔥. Excited to getting to mocking more complex objects to see what "this baby can do".

Installed Eclipse for a record 15 minutes - back to IntelliJ

Anyone have strong thoughts on Riot.im as a comms platform? Looking for a place to migrate to from Telegram and Whatsapp. Signal isn't as usable as I need it to be. Yes, I understand the tradeoff.

Låtar i Sverige i 90'erne var bäst. Vi hade ABBA och Carola. åh så. Jag fan älskar dem.

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