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hey nerds i'm basically just gonna chill over at @nic so hmu there

hey nerds i'm basically just gonna chill over at @nic so hmu there

quoting a friend: Illegal beyblade mods the true cyberpunk

my power has been out for 9 hours, there's cat pee *somewhere* in this apt, and now the shithole across the street is playing live country music

i might be in actual hell

don't mind me i'm just going to click "track package" ten times an hour for the next day

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ughh i just had an entire (benign) convo that i thought was in PM but NOPE IT WAS PUBLIC, GOOD JOB ME, TIME TO GO GAG SOME IN A CORNER

well now i'm picking up followers here so i guess buy/play my stuff

LOOK AT ME SAYING BANDWIDTH like a real cyber punk

i'm just posting here because more people follow me here and i don't have the bandwidth to run multiple accts simultaneously

or is something wrong with .social

please tell me I want to know what the cool kids know

ok why are people going to

nothing wrong with it, already have an acct there, I'm just curious

i have all the parts picked out, i've got money saved up, i'm just about to ship this stupid game and then I'l have timeeee

my computer is slowly shattering itself and i cannot wait to slide all this into the tr[secondhand selling or recycling]ash and get the new shit

that and a zeppelin, of course

my bourgeois decadence is opening a fresh box of cheerios every time

alright we have fun here but lets get serious:

honey bunches of oats with almonds is real good but damn a freshly opened box of honey nut cheerios though

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