"Sorry blind people, hope you can swim."

You can credit my colleague in your powerpoint, who took this photo outside of our office.

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Does anyone know? Is there any unexpected reason why this isn't completely stupid?

@nielsim they can follow the concrete ledge or the railing from the end of the guide line. Although I can't tell from the photo how high the railing is. If it's high enough to certainly prevent someone from falling into the water, I guess it's okay. #a11y #accessibility

@marjon Thanks for your answer. The railing is - I guess - a little bit above knee height.

It's just odd to see the path end at this point, so close to the water. But yes,I guess the ledge could help people continue their path.

@nielsim Ooit lang geleden zag ik in Amsterdam zo'n geleidelijn en die kwam precies naast de brugleuning op de gracht uit. Daar waar geen hekje of wat dan ook was. Gewoon plons. Toen bestonden nog geen digitale camera's of smartphones, dus no pic.

@nielsim Amsterdam is groot, dan is er veel ruimte waar iets mis kan gaan. Maar uit ervaring kan ik melden dat het ook in een dorpje mis gaat 🙂

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