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And we're available outside of my home! Next steps:
- link it to my domain
- Test apps
- Add family/friends

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Woo! I somehow managed to have my local music library symlinked and mounted on Docker on my Synology.

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Setting up Funkwhale on my Synology NAS has been a challenge. I learned a lot about Docker and the Synology software in the last few days. I have it running now, but am so far unable to use my existing library. Also I have no clue yet how I can use it outside of my home.

Am I the only one who has trouble coming up with a good name for his NAS? At some point I fucked/gave up and used Thor, which is utterly unoriginal. Even black metal bands don't use Thor... 🙄

Setting up my NAS. The last time I owned a NAS was half a decade ago (at least). This thing is so much more powerful.

Also, what the hell should I use 4tb for!!

Interesting blog post about bringing back fansites and webrings.

This is kind of what I've been thinking about lately. I'm sure being in my Mastodon bubble pushed me into this direction. But the most interesting websites I follow on the web nowadays is content from websites by regular people.

For example: currently my favourite games website is by a British mom who blogs about obscure Japanese games.


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I'm all for bands not repeating themselves on every new album. But In Flames became worse and worse throughout the years. Obviously they've been quite successful with the type of music they've been playing, but I'm not sure if it's the quality of the music or the mainstream appeal they've developed over the years.

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Or did the band lower the bar enough that I'm already happy with a typical aggressive metalcore song with a basic Maiden guitar solo?


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That being said, I don't think I even had a tuner for the first year or so. I tuned my guitar at the teacher. It must've sounded horrible all the time. 😂

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I'm back into playing guitar again after twenty years. It's cool to see nowadays I can just tune my guitar with an app. Back in the day I had to buy a special device for it.

Also learning guitar has never been so easy with thousands of online tutorials and video teachers.

Also I'm suddenly interested in guitar gear videos on YouTube... I suspect this is going to be an expensive hobby.

Two weeks with Yunohost and I'm still very happy with my own ttRSS and Wallabag applications. Also if you have a site, please add all of the content of an article to your RSS feed. (Surprisingly a lot of websites I follow already do)

Today someone told me they did not have to localise texts in a design, because some big corporate company was also not doing it.

The truth was, it would take them a lot of time to generate the proper texts and that would not fit the planning. 😦

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"Because Facebook/Twitter/[any big brand] is doing it this way", is never a good excuse.

Think about what you're designing/developing. Think about your users. What is your goal?

Latest obsession: getting back into guitar playing.

After not touching a guitar for twenty years I just bought one! I can't wait for it to arrive. 🎸

Remember I was building my own website? No? Well anyway, it's not done, but I've made some progress. I moved to Eleventy, a static site generator and it's now hosted for free on Netlify. When I push my changes to Github, Netlify creates a build and automatically deploys a new version. Love it and it's so easy to set-up!

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