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Niels K. @nielsk

If I started semi-regular sessions for Shadowrun 5e. Would there be people interested in that (usual play time in the evening time of UTC +1/+2)? Is there a better platform than roll20 for something like that? Language would be German or English. ...

@nielsk How long would the sessions be? Would be nice to try out roll20 or anything like it. Never played Shadowrun 5, but i got the ruleboook for some time now. Could play in english or german.

@ein_marco I am not sure. I would try to keep them at max at 4 hours and would prefer 3. It depends a bit on the start time but so far you are the only who replied

@nielsk Thats really sad, 3 to max 4 hours sounds okay for me. Maybe a few more will try it. I think opendev (twitter only onfortunatley) would like the idea.