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And I didn’t do any sleight of hand for a week. I have to work again on that :/

Tamariz-stack: half is done more or less. Let’s go second half.
Even in the hospital I didn’t managed several quiet hours to learn it. Now I just do a bit every day and slowly but surely I do progress.

@Gargron ich versuche (Drew DeVault) zu folgen von diesem Account aus und das funktioniert nicht. Blockt da eine Instanz eine andere oder gibt es andere Probleme? Von einer anderen Instanz aus ( funktioniert es.

There is a new e-mail-client called aerc for the command line which is in early development but looks promising judging by my first tests:

I think I found a milk-alternative for muesli: spelt “milk”. It is a bit on the sweet side but works very well

The fourth story in Doctorows “Radicalized” was about preppers and the collapse of civilization. That one was really good. The first story is still the best. But still: get the book, like everything I read from Doctorow it shows an interesting peek into a possible future.

The third story of Doctorows „Radicalized“ was about the US health care-system and how people could become domestic terroriste because of it. I liked the story a lot. The first story is still the best because it is the most universal one so far. The other two are very US-centric.

Almond milk in muesli is kind of eating muesli with water…mmm…not that much of a happy place.

I am searching a vegan alternative for milk (coffee and muesli). The first try worked in coffee for one or two coffees but I am already kind of sick of it :/
A mixture of an oat and soy drink called “Barista”. Next up: unsweetened almond milk.

The second story in Doctorows book “Radicalized” about racism and how society deals with police brutality was good but too much for a US-audience for me. Let’s see how the third story is which gave the book apparently its name.

The first story in Doctorows “Radicalized” about DRM and its problems was already really good.

Unexpected: magic-groups that leave the same feeling as using Twitter: regularly feeling some form of “angry”
Only one good thing to do: leave them

Am I the only one who sees “coc.nvim” as a problematic name?

I think this is a first: I just watched a movie and directly want to see it a second time. It is just sooooooo good
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
I love the style, the music is great, the characters are superb and the story is awesome.

Oh fuck?
Permafrost is thawing in the Arctic so fast scientists are losing their equipment – CBC News

Never Host your mail server at Digital Ocean. There are so many spam mails coming from their IP-ranges that I’d like to block them like dynamic IPs…

I just found out that the minimum order size for custom neodymium magnets isn’t that huge (200€). Now let’s see if it would be cheaper than what I could currently get in the magic supply stores.

Dear developers: please not only add a target for “install” but also for “uninstall” in your Makefiles.

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