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Just noticed a bit of blur in the save-game screenshots. Fixed (removed image filters). You can see the before (left-side) and after. If you zoom in to the girl's hands/feet, it becomes really obvious.

Started on the gargantuan task of adding SFX to every necessary location for . Started with the mundane (but necessary) button-click. (Used some reflection to add it to all buttons automatically in the scene.)

Added simple frieze to the Qur'an scene. Strikes a balance between too simple and too fancy (plus my art skills only go so far). It's pixel art, but doesn't clash stylistically.

Added a bunch of fades (fade out, fade in). Things now look much more polished, although the effect is very minimal. Those insta-change scenes really looked odd.

Finished adding "backtracking" areas: areas that you can't yet access, but will soon (on the next floor) get the power-up for. This encourages metroidvania-style backtracking! Pictured here, the chasm room.

Shrank the screenshot to 75% (so it's still pixel-perfect). I think it looks better. What do you think?

First/original, second/shrunk.

Saves now show meta-data: the world number (unique game number), play time (minutes and seconds), and the player's level.

Added a save/load manager. You can now load and save multiple games. Each save includes a small screenshot, to help you remember details about that game.

Tutorial arrows for the first battle now work. They walk you through the whole process. (Bonus: depending on the number of correct tiles, they pick the best move.)

Needs more testing of failure cases though.

Final iteration of the tutorial arrow. Fixed the Z-ordering issue that someone noticed, and also shortened the sine wave so it doesn't move quite as much.

I think I'm done with this for now.

Based on your feedback, here's the revised tutorial arrow. What do you think? How can I improve it even more?

Not sure how much I like the mask - it really, really draws attention, but is it a bit too much?

As we bid farewell to , I would like to wish you all a very blessed and enjoyable fun and family-filled Eid Mubarak!

Please remember all our brothers and sisters around the world in situations of war, diaspora, and oppression in your prayers.

Based on the feedback from a previous poll, treasure chests now block you. When you open them, they open; when you close the dialog, they disappear. Makes sense?

Fixed a bug where treasure chests generate too close to the entrance/exit of maps. Here, we see one chest appears directly at the entrance map of the desert dungeon.

Replaced that empty horrible overworld map with a shiny new area-selection screen, sort of inspired by Bastion (but not quite as nice - PCG is hard!)

Here's a demo of it working.

Second/final iteration of the area-select screen, incorporating feedback from @chemical_ink - yellow instead of blue, and less yellow stars. They stick out more, but IMO, they do look nicer overall.

First cut of new area-select screen (replaces overworld) in . Space background is quite neutral, drawing a nebula eluded me.

Dialog windows now render properly independent of game zoom. So you can actually read the next now when zoomed out!

Baba now talks when you walk into him. Except ... things don't work out quite as expected ... 😀

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