Due to some last-minute (read: we didn't test it earlier) issues with the final, exported binaries for , we can't release it tonight. We'll shoot for tomorrow.

If anyone knows what this means (and how to fix it), that would help. Game freezes on start.

@nightblade First a friendly admonition: always test your exports early and not at the last minute.

This one looks like some text files are missing from your export, so they can't be read/EOF is reached immediately.

Godot only exports resources by default, so if those files are not known as resources, you need to whitelist them manually (e.g. with `*.txt` or `*.json` filter in your export preset).

@akien thanks for the feedback. Yep, we didn't test export until last minute, which I know is a bad thing.

I figured it out and managed to ship the release yesterday. There's a GitHub issue alluding to this, and someone on Discord mentioned the same thing.

My case is a bit strange, because Godot goes into an infinite loop; you can't see the name of the missing file, which - I'm pretty sure - is listed at the top of the error stack/loop.

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