Working on end-game events for . Won't give away spoilers ... shooting the ship core causes energy to just splay harmlessly off it. 🧐🤔

FlameTail. I've never accepted a recolour of anything for this game because the environments are so limited, but for animation this good, with just 18 days left to go, I'll take it.

Went with a Charmander style flame.

Recoloured chasms so they're more visible - before, they used to be just black voids in the ASCII style. Now, they have a dark background, so they're visible in both display modes.


Added a "fully saturated" palette option to make monsters really, really clear. It was an / request.

What do you think? With regular palette, the monsters are all just varying shades of blue, instead.

First cut at using a solid-colour wall/floor for my (requested /#a11y feature). It looks pretty decent (considering I prefer that classic look).

Weekly Patreon update. A hardware problem severely impacts our ability for post v1.0 releases.

Redo of the crab monster (first is original which was shrunk and cleaned up from a picture; second is a fresh drawing).

Small bug, big fix: Godot renders some hints under other controls. If it's something I can't fix in my project ... 🤷🏾‍♂️

WIP sub-menu in-game. You can use it to review data cubes (story items you find), or to quit the game entirely (no save/autosave yet)!

Got rid of that starry background completely. Here's the new area-select screen, with a clean background.

Wasn't too crazy about the waterfall tileset, but the titlescreen at least doesn't convey a sci-fi feeling (unlike stars).

What about this? A collection of our heroes and some bosses.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Is this a better titlescreen, or the previous one (starry background, styled shield, spear, etc.)?

Highly experimental, alternate version of the title-screen. The "Q" is less recognizable as such, but, eh, I think I like it more. Not sure.

What do you think? This version, or the previous version?

I was just telling a game designer about how my game is carefully balanced, and you can beat all the bosses without even leveling up once!

Yeah ... about that ...

Battle tooltips. Finally, a way to explain all my hidden mechanics in a user-friendly way! I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Easy peasy, thanks to 's "Hint" field.

Second iteration of the Zulu shield - now with updated spear, new axe, and tassel. Getting closer to what I actually wanted - still a long way to go. Silhouettes are almost done, colours TBD.

WIP title screen for . Consolidated background, rearranged button, and added a placeholder image (flame/jinn guy) - real image is still in-progress.


Found a weird bug in today. If you descend, then ascend, you see power-ups from the previous floor. (It's really obvious, when they're embedded in the walls, that something is wrong.)

Dungeon now generates with data-cubes (story hooks) on every floor between B2 and B9. Here, you can see me pick up a placeholder (empty/corrupt) one that I generated for testing.

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