Quite possibly the final title screen for . It's Good Enough for my needs, and readable - especially with the plain-text title print-out under the ASCII art.

Thanks to @mr_dude_III for the tips, man you're even good at ASCII art! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎ

Working on end-game events for . Won't give away spoilers ... shooting the ship core causes energy to just splay harmlessly off it. πŸ§πŸ€”

Recoloured chasms so they're more visible - before, they used to be just black voids in the ASCII style. Now, they have a dark background, so they're visible in both display modes.


Added a "fully saturated" palette option to make monsters really, really clear. It was an / request.

What do you think? With regular palette, the monsters are all just varying shades of blue, instead.

First cut at using a solid-colour wall/floor for my (requested /#a11y feature). It looks pretty decent (considering I prefer that classic look).

WIP sub-menu in-game. You can use it to review data cubes (story items you find), or to quit the game entirely (no save/autosave yet)!

Found a weird bug in today. If you descend, then ascend, you see power-ups from the previous floor. (It's really obvious, when they're embedded in the walls, that something is wrong.)

Dungeon now generates with data-cubes (story hooks) on every floor between B2 and B9. Here, you can see me pick up a placeholder (empty/corrupt) one that I generated for testing.

Finished adding "backtracking" areas: areas that you can't yet access, but will soon (on the next floor) get the power-up for. This encourages metroidvania-style backtracking! Pictured here, the chasm room.

You no longer start with all weapons - now you start with just the blaster, and can assimilate weapons as you encounter them.

Here, I rush through B2 and B4 to get the mini-missile launcher and zapper.

Difficulty ramps up on higher dungeon floors. You experience more types of monsters, in addition to a large number of monsters.

Here's a quick run-down of one dungeon, floors B1 to B10.

Added spawning enemies (TenLegs => t). They spawn eggs ever turn, which hatch about 20% of the time. (Pro tip: I fixed two crash bugs by recording this for y'all.)

Added stairs up to the previous floor. The really cool thing is, you can now see that the floors and dungeon are persistent. It's not regenerated each time. Monsters, power-ups, they're all persistent. πŸ’ͺ🏾

Plasma is back! It feels like the game needs another (two-edged) weapon, albeit the only one without any environmental effects.

Stepping on plasma residue (heated ground) causes significant damage to monsters and the player. If left untouched, it dissipates after an extended period ... so you have to think carefully before you fire it.


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