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Ended up writing cut-scenes instead of hints about the next dungeon. Also fixed a critical bug (Mama isn't home after you save her!)

Now that it's sorted out, here's the first extra "cutscene" dialog (after the bandit leaves).

Progress on . Not much to show - I added a few tests, to test (har har) partial mocks in GUT 6.7.1. Frankly, they're awesome, and asking for it => getting it in one month, speaks to how committed the authors are.

Updated results. Tests 1000 maps.

Reminder: we're on Discord, stop by if you want to chat about our games/development/roguelikes/projects/etc.

Knocked off a couple of small changes for : options now persist, both when you reopen the window (visually) and across all game sessions.

TODO: add more accessibility options.

You no longer start with all weapons - now you start with just the blaster, and can assimilate weapons as you encounter them.

Here, I rush through B2 and B4 to get the mini-missile launcher and zapper.

Final iteration. The bright scheme looked horrible in-game, even with black text. I like this one a lot. Purple looked good too, but had too much of a creepy/corruption feel.

Experimental background for based on regular geometric tessellations. (Tessellations are used often in Islamic art, from what I can tell.)

What do you think? Good, ok, or poor?

Inspired by this:

Difficulty ramps up on higher dungeon floors. You experience more types of monsters, in addition to a large number of monsters.

Here's a quick run-down of one dungeon, floors B1 to B10.

Trying to fix a where you can walk off the edge of maps without going back to the overworld. It has some unintended side-effects. 🤔🧐

Fixed a bug where the player faces down (default direction) instead of up (intended) after defeating the final boss. Had to force Godot to render the frame for 0.01s. Works though.

Added spawning enemies (TenLegs => t). They spawn eggs ever turn, which hatch about 20% of the time. (Pro tip: I fixed two crash bugs by recording this for y'all.)

Added stairs up to the previous floor. The really cool thing is, you can now see that the floors and dungeon are persistent. It's not regenerated each time. Monsters, power-ups, they're all persistent. 💪🏾

Plasma is back! It feels like the game needs another (two-edged) weapon, albeit the only one without any environmental effects.

Stepping on plasma residue (heated ground) causes significant damage to monsters and the player. If left untouched, it dissipates after an extended period ... so you have to think carefully before you fire it.

Note Kingdom is finally live!!

I would like to thank my co-collaborators (who are on Twitter) for working on this with me in April. We did it. Y'all rock 👊🏾

Special thanks to the community on Discord. With their help, I fixed a last-minute crash issue in a matter of minutes.

25 notes. 20 puzzles. 1 epic ending. Runs on Windows, and hopefully Mac/Linux (untested), in English and Russian.

Let me know your feedback!

Due to some last-minute (read: we didn't test it earlier) issues with the final, exported binaries for , we can't release it tonight. We'll shoot for tomorrow.

If anyone knows what this means (and how to fix it), that would help. Game freezes on start.

The GIF gets a little wonky for a couple of them. No worries, I plan to make a final one a bit later today.

Just trying to find fellow 's on Mastodon. It's much more difficult than on Twitter.

Tried to put together a gameplay GIF/trailer of . Didn't go so well. Enjoy, regardless.

@triptych thanks for the pep-talk about Mastodon. I'll give it a try again. Cheers mate.

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Sid Meyer on "finding the fun" in games, strategies for more effective iterated design:

"If a unit seems too weak, don't lower its cost by 5%; instead, double its strength. If players feel overwhelmed by too many upgrades, try removing half of them. In the original Civilization, the gameplay kept slowing down to a painful crawl, which Sid solved by shrinking the map in half."

This process isn't necessarily accurate by itself with no further refinement, just very powerful.


Pretty thorough breakdown of 45 different mechanics used in match-3 games. Some are very similar to others. Maybe someone needs to come up with some innovative new ones?


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