I wonder how much I get judged by website employees for my answers to my security questions.

My drone really doesn't like being manually dragged around while in GPS mode. I can't say I'm surprised.

Open Source is a double-edged sword. It is a betrayal and a watering-down of Free Software ideology, but it is also a Free Software double agent.

Each day, another poster on Medium discovers that "true Open Source" has been "lost", without realizing that what they heard was "Open Source", but what they wanted was Free Software.

It's easy to be smug toward them, but I think it's better to be happy. Less "told you so" and "get off my lawn", and more "You're one of today's lucky 10'000!" #xkcd1053

I think their cries are testament to the pro-Free Software strategy of Open Source working. How do we gently introduce them to the rest of "true Open Source", a.k.a. Free Software?

... and get them off Medium?

I now have a dead microSD reader to complement all of my dead microSD cards.

Just set up ssh public key auth. It's great. Would highly recommend.

Me in front of the monitor: "I'm so tired, can't think anymore."

Me in bed: "I'm so bored, can't sleep now."

Arbitration was created to allow giant companies with equal bargaining power to settle disputes without incurring expensive court battles. So, when IBM and AT&T struck a deal, they'd agree that instead of going to court, they'd hire a neutral person to decide who was right.


@xgqt I normally encourage people to update because of security but in Windows It just remind me this picture.

Now this is fucked up.

WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account If You Don't Agree Sharing Data With Facebook

The copyright for the fucking Great Gatsby just expired this year. I think that's a sign that we need to shorten copyright.

Just changed my profile pic on my school Zoom account to be a QR code linking to the THO video about Zoom.

True fact I guess (most applicable to mainstream social media , also a copypasta) 

Dear so-called "social" websites.

Your catchword is "share", but you don't want us to share. You want to keep us within your walled gardens. That's why you've been removing RSS links from webpages, hiding them deep on your website, or removed feeds entirely, replacing it with crippled or demented proprietary API. FUCK YOU.

You're not social when you hamper sharing by removing feeds. You're happy to have customers creating content for your ecosystem, but you don't want this content out - a content you do not even own. Google Takeout is just a gimmick. We want our data to flow, we want RSS or Atom feeds.

We want to share with friends, using open protocols: RSS, Atom, XMPP, whatever. Because no one wants to have your service with your applications using your API force-feeding them. Friends must be free to choose whatever software and service they want.

We are rebuilding bridges you have wilfully destroyed.

Get your shit together: Put RSS/Atom back in.


@clacke @sir @brandon the law doesn't say you have to use a banner. It's a stupid misinterpretation of the law.

There is literally no nothing that talks about cookies. What they talk about is use of personally identifiable information (tracking cookies is one of those things).

The banner itself also is a not enough to get you out of abusing personally identifiable information. The site also should not track you by default (the banner should make it as easy to opt out as it is to opt in).

Based on their post, it seems as though Github is in compliance. Their previous banner was either unnecessary or not enough, depending on what their previous behaviour was.

Now all the of t his assumes the law is actually being enforced, which we haven't seen much of yet. There are some cases slowly making their way through the system, but I don't think expect to see anything in a while. The fact that nothing has happened yet is why people think that the cookie banner is enough to keep the theory illegal activities legit.

i don't know if there's an influx of new users, but my sincere, honest tip to anyone new is to just interact with people in a non-weird way

i've immediately followed back people in the past, and sometimes it's been a huge mistake. but i've always been receptive to anyone who just wants to shoot the shit in a decent way

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