kind of odd knowing the entire system has high floor buses and platforms since its inception to support this...
RT Transjakarta saat ini memiliki lebih dari 50 halte ramah disabilitas untuk menyukseskan Asian Para Games yang akan berlangsung pada 6 - 13 Oktober 2018.

a bus broke down and now they're rescuing the passengers by jumping to another bus

good start to the day

RT 237 attendees for AliCon!

RT when you realize the world has opposite seasons on two hemispheres

celebrating almost two decades of a web banking portal they refuse to ever update

featuring transactions you'd still need a physical key to perform with because there's no better means of authentication out there

I kinda want a Trixie plush now

which means Sunset must come along too

RT Bye, Moscow! Goodbye for a week!

RT サイズ測定シマーす

RT Solid place for this sticker (thanks )

RT hi and welcome to baking with horses (it's a working title) today we're making baguettes

it's always starlight glimmer day for me but sunset is a precious cutie too
RT when you realize the world has opposite seasons on two hemispheres

RT Someone asked me to sign their stuff at Alicon cause they knew me omg I'm gonna cry 💖

mimi chubb
RT Give me a good reason to get out of bed.

RT I’d just like to say that 2018 was an absolutely awesome con, everyone I met was awesome, the panels were awesome it was just super great, incredibly saddened to be leaving the con.

RT They'll sign anything, apparently.
Lunch signed by and auctioned at for $9!

they gonna go auction tim tam next??
RT 6 tins of Milo were on auction just now

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