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Basic security should not be a premium feature that's only available to elites and corporations. Tell @zoom_us@twitter.com to offer end-to-end encryption to keep all users safe: actionnetwork.org/petitions/te

one of the absolute best

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My Little Pony trivia time! What pony said the following lines? Think about it and let us know below!

how would pegasi feel when their wings are torn away from them

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With social media, it's always a good reminder that you have more information at your fingertips than you know. At the same time you have more misinformation as well. Use common sense, if something is too ridiculous to believe it might be unless proven with proper evidence.

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I shouldn't be as excited about seeing so many people in my timelines joining Pillowfort lately as I am...but I am. 💚

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I welcome a return to a world we pay for software and platforms with money and not getting it free by being fed into the advertisers lab for perpetual tracking and analysis.

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Zoom Free is an advertisement for their enterprise services. It’s not a community, collaboration platform, advertising service, nor message dissemination tool for public good. You’re not the product OR the customer. You’re using it as a novelty as a freeloader.

point 1 : make sure people aren't fucking dying from a sickness without a vaccine under the New Normal guise.

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Perekonomian Indonesia kuartal pertama 2020 masih tumbuh 2,97 %.

Tantangan terbesar kita saat ini adalah bagaimana menyiapkan program pemulihan ekonomi yang tepat, dieksekusi dengan cepat, agar laju pertumbuhan ekonomi negara kita tidak terkoreksi lebih dalam lagi.


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Zoom’s CEO says he won’t encrypt free calls so Zoom can work more with law enforcement:

“Free users for sure we don’t want to give that because we also want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose,” Yuan said. $ZM

people trying to rationalize continuous minority oppression by trying to signal and guilt trip against the value of the protests

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ah yes more people trying to counter signal with their own truth systems on my timeline

indon tantes trying to fish their nephews and nieces for free work and guttering them without reward is peak family exploitative behavior tbh
if one grows up in a family filled with peoplw who think their work is this disposable then what responsibility will they take on trust

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