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goers I hate to break it to you all but I think a lot of us are having heat exhaustion. Drink up some pocari sweat or other ion drinks and cool yourselves down now nhs.uk/conditions/heat-exhaust

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YANG NASIB NYAAAA SAMA SEPERTIII SAYA LYN DAN PULPAAA yng udh antri 3 setengah jam dibubarin ternyata tiket gaada daritadi ya, silahkan ke aeon yg mo freebiesnya. karena bsk gabakal dateng. jelek

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breaking news

aeon mall bsd become Comifuro Lite

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Ketika 2 ras terkuat umat manusia menuju satu titik yang sama

if we weren't queueing together i would've left so fast

thanks riggi for being a poggers line friend lmao

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That sure was line con... (I didn't get in after 5.5 hours of queueing in tropical weather)

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Comifuro is bonkers rn and all I can see is too much crowds, thefts, and drama everywhere💀💀

My moots going there please stay safe and don't forget the protocols! Please take care of yourself and your personal items!<33

if you see two giant tigs and a noodle flop flat on your view

don't mind us

we're exhausted and comifuro was disastrous

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kalo penasaran sama para pengunjung yang barbar di depan pintu masuk tiket ots, dan ini pada waktu 13:13

heck, it's not a doujin event anymore. udah jadi unjuk rasa 🗿

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comifuro day 1 segini ramenya... jadi ragu buat dateng besok 😂😂 belom lagi macetnya karna bentrok ama konser SVT....

this tweet was meant to go out 20 minutes ago
light at the end of the tunnel!

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If you applied to be a musician at , check your email, as responses to all applications have been sent out!

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Singapore manages to keep their density high with better public transport, more accessible parks, and an overall happier and higher quality of life than KL.

The solution shouldn't be "let's build a new city".

The solution should've been "let's stop building big roads." twitter.com/proaqxx/status/157

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Countries that are doing this are consigning leftists and queer people to the meat grinder of a police state and conscription, and every Ukraine flag display name liberal is applauding it because they think every Russian has a Crime Ridge in their skull. twitter.com/Biz_Ukraine_Mag/st

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12ft is now a shortcut on iOS. Since papers have put paywalls back on Covid information, you should know this and tell people. Education matters 12ft.io/ios

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