big dork
RT I'm in a lot of pain but it's so rare that I look at myself and don't abhor my face and a I forgot how much I love sweaters so


RT indonesia tuh udah kebanyakan yg tertutup jadi ketika ngeliat yang terbuka justru heboh.

coba luar sana, udah biasa buk liat yg begitu, jadi ya cowo cowonya juga udah gak bakal heboh.

pemerintahnya udah gak perlu repot urusin napsu rakyatnya.

RT Time to take the cute pone home.

RT A suuper cutie enjoying the view
Thank you so much for commissioning me I love love your lil pones ;u; ♡♡

indonesia negeriku orangnya sok suci semua
RT /rlt/ mau comment eh, kolom comment nya di matiin disemua postannya:')

RT Per request from This one goes out to all the current and former pony event orgs. CC

my name is sierra nightingale and today i feel compelled to be the role model of teaching jakarta how to ZIP MERGE PROPERLY

RT Another Commission this time commissioned by Thank you so much. Also slots are still open. get em fresh paintings

RT We're dying younger. That could be really good news for our employers

RT Mimi deserts

you learn to live
you learn to love
you learn to cry

RT *bursting into Santas room*

Santa : have you ever heard of knocking before entering?

Me : do you hear yourself rn

RT when does five come before nine

in the dictionary

RT Q. How did the chicken lose her hat.
A. Becase of an accident.
B. Becase the goverment stole it.
Answer: B

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