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Singaporean 'Western food' is a cuisine in itself, and I miss it greatly.

Specifically, I miss a grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce, coleslaw and a fried dinner roll. 🤤 twitter.com/tanhuiyi/status/13

there are a few things more dehumanizing when the interactions people strive with you are for your characters or fetishy interests without any intent to express interest to understand the human being behind it

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another new pin: Glimmy & Phyllis by @GleamyD@twitter.com

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correction: give ALL creatives your unrelenting love and support

artists, animators, musicians, VA's, editors, streamers, etc.

support them all, yes

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psa: give artists your unrelenting love and support thanks

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whenever I see a handsome, masculine stallion oc I just-

Ah yes the Indonesian drama of the weekend : the President being insensitive for quoting a pork dish after dozens of halal dishes in a speech to campaign to a (supposedly) plural country because it's on the context of the Eid Fitr mobility restrictions.

fucking pathetic.

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Fellow artists! We're organizing a big collab to draw as many characters as we can from MLP G4 in one big drawing, as a tribute to the show we've been with for 10 years!
If you wanna be a part of it, join below! And if you like it, spread it the word! c:

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chilin with the homies
trying out experimental coloring or somethinf id kd xDdDS

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I wanna sleep and hopefully decease during my slumber.

Days are so repetitive and it is really eating away at me.

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it is world migratory bird day

...okay catparrots probably don't migrate but appreciate them anyways

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vent art that's basically just a meme i felt very targeted by

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And done. Hope you like :3 @NightieTime@twitter.com

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three big horses stomping on england

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Streaming in one hour!

It's Jackbox time again!


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