I'm sorry. You all deserve better. I'm only here for the acknowledgement I certainly do not deserve a single percent for anything.

It's not passion or a labor of love. It has an objective.

I'm sorry.

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I'll come clean, I really think that I shouldn't be given any credit whatsoever in anything but I still feel like I mean something here when I totally don't.

I cannot assess my own worth and respect. People do.

And I've done it only for fame, not respect.

I mean, at the end of the day it is an approximation of society

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horse fandom is so weird cuz i've met some of the best and worst ppl in my life thru it

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new short animation out, i should do something that's longer than 20 seconds


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tried to convince @kitkatyj@twitter.com to subscribe to my twitch channel

and then he gives me this fucking clapback

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On this day 5 years ago, 2 December 2015: New Vix myki readers installed onboard tram E.6008. Unlike the Vix readers at railway stations, the screen still displays your myki balance railgallery.wongm.com/page/on-

this oc is freaking precious not gonna lie

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Lil butt YCH ♥ multiple slots

SFW $25
NSFW $30

DM me to claim.

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some fanart for @VyletPony@twitter.com !! I love their work so much- so please check her out!💜💖

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