I guess Twitter has made its mind up for me. I guess my complaints about NFL RedZone really tipped them over the edge?

Honestly, @NFLUK is a absolute joke. Nearly 20 minutes in and RedZone still isn't working.

Soooooo errr, RedZone isnt working or available? @NFLUK I want to hear @ScottHanson welcome us to the new NFL season 😢

Happy Sunday everyone, music, coffee and productive thinking are on the books for today. First day of on-call for the month so crossing my fingers I don't get interrupted too much.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a decent replacement for the in-built VNC in OSX? I've got a Mac Mini stuffed away in a corner that i'd like a remote desktop to but the in-build OSX VNC server is horrible even over gigabit...

Best thing to do is setup wildcard address, I have *@m.domain.com redirecting to my normal account, helps to easily weed out the bad actors who have either been hacked or selling your details without your knowledge (grrr Adobe!)

After a good week of hitting unsubscribe on emails i've been receiving the actual amount of mails i've been getting hasn't gone down at all. I'm half tempted to say that unsubscribe links are just bait to confirm its a real address. Also probably doesn't help that i've had this address for the best part of 15 years.

Saturday morning, Yorkshire Tea in hand, task list open, Lo-fi music playing, and I have no drive to actually do anything today 😂

Hey @syncforynab did Virgin Credit get removed? Not surprised if it has as it worked for only 30 minutes after the initial sync, just curious if you've removed it.

Remember when @starlingbank said they’re not a traditional bank? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Technical oops of the day (2/2): Forgetting that you have Plesk bound to manage domains on Route53, then deleting a critical domain from the Plesk server as part of a migration...

Quite sure that the OVH control panel is progressively getting worse. It seems i've got a stuck task on a VM that won't allow me to boot it back up again... Not what I wanted on a Friday morning.

Another long day over, now time to look at my next actions list... oh, thats a lot of things to do...

Technical oops of the day: Switching over my VDSL modem to a dedicated port on my firewall (rather than VLANed over a common port) and actually switched over the management interface rather than the access port. 15 minutes of swearing later I finally figured out the problem😣

I've been out of bed for ~30 minutes, and i've noticed my iPhone has dropped nearly 20% of its charge, why? Well, it seems MS Teams is chewing it all doing background updates for a busy channel i'm in, notifications not enabled. Guess I logging out for now...

I'm getting very bored of the bird site promoted crap. While I primarily post on Fedi now its frustrating to see injected crap every time I need to read over there.

So, i'm in the CU65 R2 groupbuy, and I currently lack Keycaps. I'm in real danger of having a keyboard I can't use as I can't decide on a nice matching keycaps for it...

Finally sold the last server of my Homelab v1, sad to see the old "bumblebee" yellow Google R710 go...

A shelf collapsed last night, in the middle of the night, and destroyed every single spare non-smart bulb we have in the house. I currently have an office full of thousands of glass fragments. FML.

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