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A shelf collapsed last night, in the middle of the night, and destroyed every single spare non-smart bulb we have in the house. I currently have an office full of thousands of glass fragments. FML.

Having some relatively high risk friends and family means we have to think of them first, so if 2 weeks in the house keeps them safe, then who am I complain?

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I'm back in the country after my weekend trip to France, I now have the joys of a enforced 14 day lockdown where I can only see my 4 walls and the back garden. I can't complain as if we didn't have a official lockdown we were going to follow one anyway.

neighbour whine 

I'd love to be able to open my front window without having the smell of smoke coming into the house. One of the neighbours smoke, like the entire family, if one of them has just finished the next one is lighting up.

I started a project in Flask, then slowly bolted on more extensions to get the features I need. I’ve ended up with feature parity to Django.

I should just rewrite it in Django...

The treadmill arrived this morning, guess that means tomorrow is the start of my plan to actually hit my 10k steps a day. 'rona had knocked the hell out of my daily totals now that my workday consists of mostly sitting at a desk at home. Heres to a better self...

Today is a wonderful work at home day, maybe i'll take a early morning stroll before work starts. Bar that its just another Monday morning.

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Good morning from a very selected view out of my office window, a few seconds before I was blinded by the great fireball in the sky.

Working at home means you can sit around in t-shirt and joggers all week, but actually getting jeans on to leave the house feels good.

Very tempted to try Fedora on my Surface Pro 6, but at the same time worried about destroying my workflow. I’d love to go back to a Linux desktop soon, maybe when I’ve made some more sensible hardware choices.

Good morning Fedi (and Twitter), Its finally Friday! Just 8 hours to get through before you can sit back, relax, and do exactly the same you've been doing all week...

Thinking about a 4k monitor, 24" or larger, but its been a good 6-7 years since i've last bought a monitor. Any suggestions? Ideally with DP and maybe USB-C if the price is reasonable.

The thing getting to me the most about COVID, is the lack of boardgaming i've been able to do this year. Pandemic Legacy Season 0 is around the corner, but it feels irresponsible to get the gang together to play it.

I'm very quickly realising that the issues with work I have are nothing to do with the office or the commute, but everything to do with the job itself. I'm still feeling apathy, tired, and disenfranchised even being away from the office and setting my own workday.

Things I despise about Dell 11th Gen hardware: iDRAC6 crashes at random times. R710 declaring ITS FAN TIME at 11pm isn't great.

Silly pet project of the day, a 90s style web board. Will this ever make it to prod? *shrug*

After spending what feels like hours trying to diagnose my Hue sensor "not switching the light on", it turns out it was, just that the brightness was set to zero 😩

Its been a very quiet month on the Etsy store, a 70% reduction in orders. I'm having to dip into saving now to make up the shortfall on my workshop rent.

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