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After using Flask-User for the past three days I think it's code looks like a fucking mess, but the functionality ootb is nice, and it's customizable.

Is it good? Ehhhhhhh... maybe.

I should make myself a pamphlet that explains to people what headphones are and how they work so that they stop talking to me while I can't hear them.

I would like to tell every mastodon user that dogs are better

Game of Thrones getting snubbed at the Golden Globes feels like complete vindication. Seasons 7 & 8 were complete dogshit. I mean, embarrassingly bad.

For all those trying to diet this year here's the best piece of advice I ever received: Hunger is *not* a crisis.

You can ignore your hunger until it's the appropriate time to eat. Your body has many meals on it (if you're like me, possibly thousands) and it will survive.

I miss when GDQ wasn't so corporate.

I understand and support their change, for the betterment of the charity. But it feels so sterile and offputting now.

I think it's kinda weird that the president of the US gets to stay on Twitter after threatening war crimes and cyberbullying children because his tweets are "of public interest" but the president of Syria gets banned...

Not that I'm sympathetic, but it does seem hypocritical and highlights the issues with social media that's controlled by a single US company. Why do they get to enforce their own interests worldwide?

I'm doing a new thing where I post cool sounds I made in 2020, with preset.

Unfortunately I closed Bitwig before I could save the preset so... oops :psyduck:

Anyways here is Cool Sound #1:
Mostly this is build off the back of FM, but with good chorus and layering. Very "Stranger Things"-ish

Today I learned its "Grylls"... Grills sounded way cooler though.

They should have a Chopped "Survival" edition.

First contestants would be Bear Grills, Les Stroud, and Skullcrusher

24 hours to produce the best, and most nutritionally complete, meal on a deserted island.


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