Can any constitutional expert advise how can a Governor make President's rule recommendation w/o attempting a floor test?

@nikhil_thatte Article 356 state that the president can invoke president rule in a state on the report of the governor if the state machinery/legislature fails to abide by constitutional norms.

@I_eqbal_aftab Thanks. But wouldn't that be applicable if no one can prove a majority on the floor? Technically legislature is yet to fail.

@nikhil_thatte If the governor comes to the conclusion that none of the parties are able to form a viable and stable government, then President's rule will be the last option,

@nikhil_thatte Sorry the constitution has relegated to a second class opinion. Only faith matters.

The sad reality of our country.

@nikhil_thatte I don't think mature parliamentary democracies have an equivalent post like Governor in their provinces.....

India should do away with post of governor. No use other than being a surreptitious mechanism for Central govt to rule provinces.

@ajithegde Agree. But in the given situation, I am just trying to understand the legal provisions.

@nikhil_thatte this is how bullies work.

And believe me president will accept this without any ifs and buts. His Majesty will not raise any objection to this totally unconstitutional move.

@nikhil_thatte By no stretch I jave expertise on constitution. However I will try to explain based on my understanding.
Governor can attempt for a floor test only if any invited party can claim they have number and are ready for a floor test.
Right now Governor does not have any party with that kind of commitment.

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