When the employee protested, Vyawahare said, “I told you, write ‘aromatic,’” before tearing the report up and throwing it in the face of the employee. The employee told me that the presence of insecticide could indicate that the deceased was a farmer who had committed suicide.

Denying the smell, and thus, the possibility of suicide, the employee said, could “reduce the number of farmer suicides… and there is a political background to that.” Vyawahare is the brother-in-law of Sudhir Mungantiwar: Maharashtra's Minister of Finance, Planning, and Forests

In November 2015,a student of GMC attempted suicide because of the harassment he faced from Vyawahare.A woman student also came forward.Vyawahare "would often touch her inappropriately, make indecent comments about her appearance and often asked her to accompany him to parties."

Besides these charges, there were reportedly 17 serious allegations against [Vyawahare] in terms of changing the post-mortem reports. The fifth complaint listed in an inquiry report constituted by the GMC after a state-wide strike by doctors in 2015 reads:“Department Head Dr. M. S. Vyawahare, though he is not present in person during the post-mortem, compels [one] to forcibly make changes in PM report, and if this is not done, hurls verbal abuses in front of everybody.”

The committee’s finding in this matter: “This is true, all students have mentioned in their submission. The professors in the department have accepted that this is true and have mentioned that Dr. Vyawahare asks them to write [the reports] his way..."


After a brief year away following the inquiry and the strikes, Vyawahare is now the head of the forensic department at another government college in Nagpur, the IGGMC. In Aug 2017, Devendra Fadnavis nominated him, alongside four others, to the Maharashtra Medical Council.

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The quasi-judicial functions of this council include prescribing an ethical code for over 80,000 doctors across the state. Vyawahare was reportedly the only doctor from government service among the five people included by Fadnavis in this round of nominations.

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