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Earlier today I committed to making dinner tonight and I'm currently sitting here brainstorming ways to get out of it

I love my cat but she's a bit of a bully with these younger cats and *sigh* why can't you be nice, Coal

I was kinda lukewarm on my roommate's new kitten (note: I'm lukewarm on all kittens) but it's nice that M'Chonne (now our middle cat) has a playmate.

Okay, I get it, they're called boosts, but consider: tootboops

Dang, I haven't eaten instant ramen in a couple years but lately I've really been craving it...

I haven't been doing much personal work lately, but here's fanart I did of Cass from Moonstruck (Image). It's adorable urban fantasy slice of life!

Where is the button so I can stop a timeline from scrolling to the top every time there's a new toot

My roommate's two young cats are in the hallway chasing each other around like horses and me and my older cat are in my room grumpy at all the damn noise these kids is making...

what if I just use mastodon to talk about my OCs