Author of two fantasy novels, The Wildings and The Hundred Names of Darkness. Black River, a slow-burning literary thriller, is out in 2020.

Columnist for the FT, formerly NYT, Business Standard, editor of anthologies on food writing and on the Modern Review. Drives like a demon, cooks like an angel.

@nilanjanaroy Black River sounds really interesting! Will be looking forward to it.

@nilanjanaroy Hey other. Wandering Shop denizens, I think this is someone y'all might enjoy following.

@nilanjanaroy Loved all your books...especially the fantasy novels. Am not a cat lover but the books changed the way I looked at cats. Thanks!
I know - a cliched question - but still - when's the next one coming?

@Sadiqkazi Thank you, Sadiq, that's one of the happiest responses I could ask for!
The next one isn't a cat-clan book. Black River, a literary thriller set in Delhi; should be out in end-2020.

Looking forward to it. Hoping to see Nizamuddin in a new light again then! 🙂

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