@goofysufi @h_tejas Err. I'm Hardly a writer of the caliber the others in that list and Tejas are

@Nadika Well, you write don't you? You have writing workshops, don't you? Just please keep my love no?
😞 @h_tejas

@nilanjanaroy I do hope this becomes a place people frequent more often. I also feel its difficult to both be on twitter and here, at the same time (and I think it'd defeat the purpose too). But, to be honest, I am sceptical.

Thank you for the list! This already feels like a cleaner, smarter version of my TL

One chapter in a book, so far. Hopefully not the last of it.

@digitaldutta I spent two days at feeling very inadequate. People walking around with half a dozen books to their name and I've got... one chapter?

@jackerhack haha, please write one book on communities in India. No one better than you for this

@nilanjanaroy @audreytruschke
I occasionally write articles on my blog. Can you please go through the link I'm giving here and let me know if you would consider this as


God you even sort your lists! I have to complain to you cause my names starts with a V and I have always been at the end of everything. 🥳

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