Such a strange, happy moment: when you're ready (almost) to let go of the book you've been writing for the last four years.

Sent Black River, my Delhi novel, to my agent this week. A sense of great relief that it's done, but also a sadness other writers will understand, as you prepare to leave the world you've been obsessed by for so many years.

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@nilanjanaroy Also, the exit is temporary. Just think of how many of us will storm through the gates to enter the world once the book is out, all the while dragging you back in there with us. 😬

@Sadiqkazi Thank you, Sadiq! It'll be a while before it comes out, but it finally feels like it's done. :)

@nilanjanaroy Once I attended a reading session of Kiran Nagarkar (when Cuckold was released). He had mentioned then...he would not be able to tell much about the book. Rather he would dip his head in a bucket of cold water, since all that he had to write was in the book.
Are you also going through similar feelings? :-)

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