"Shout, shout, let it all out
Mickey's the mouse that it's all about
Come on...."

Mouseketeers for fears.

The new next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony are so fast that it only takes mere seconds for a 12 year old kid to call you something racist while playing Call of Duty.

*me getting thrown out of Olive garden for drinking a handle of table wine and trying to start an Italian jug band*


I can't say for certain but I think part of America's onbesity epidemic definitely started after we quit measuring olive oil in grams or teaspoons and switched to the food Network standard glug.

Day two in my code camp in a factory basement where we all stand nude assembling 105mm anti armor howitzer rounds but in their defense I did learn Java variable types from Sayid while he was showing me how to use the press.

Make every American football game more exciting by releasing the gorgotron, a Suzuki sport bike with a running chainsaw bolted to the front that is launched across the field randomly and is announced with baby shark

POV Boomer ASMR:

you're in a cigar lounge listening to three thicc boys yell at a television the size of a dinner table because the dolphins are ruining their fantasy line up. One of them orders a party melt because this mornings breakfast burrito "wasn't enough"

Tried to load the drinks menu from a QR code and got THIS CURSED SHIT.

New antifa strat:

Just keep calmly reminding police these are unprecedented times until they leave the protest and are eventually defunded.

I met the guys from mIRC and WinZip this morning and I felt pretty blessed to see them collect so many cans from my apartment dumpster without waking anyone up.

New upload - "How to Install Winrar & Active Permanently 2020 | Install WinRar Bangla | EM TecH BD"

Watch Now: youtu.be/sme6jcx_0ww

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Dysphoria is a medical condition and deserves competent treatment. When your friend has a concussion you don't just drive around for an hour talking about how your other friends don't have one.

Real shook about how many national anthems are basically just lokey shade on the British. Proud of my country for stopping after Hiroshima and Nagasaki and not just...sending one to fucking Bristol without saying anything.

Every business in 2020:

We don't have menus but please scan this greasy smudged QR code we wipe tables with and look at our menu which is a compressed gif the size of a postage stamp on a cursed website our owner set up eleven years ago before the drinking got bad. Also the brunch menu now infects your phone with bosnian hacker HIV and we can't figure out how to fix it.

people who modify their gender with science and chemistry to become a better person are cyberpunk af.

Idk where you Kings are at today but here's a comfy Guinness outside a little Irish pub with a nice breeze off the ocean in santa Barbara

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