The meaning of life has a meaning. Otherwise, there would not be life


@GoodNameNotFound Beg to Differ.
Stephen Hawkings already established that physics is enough to explain creation of universe(ses). And empirical DNA evidence of species migrating and surviving in accordance with the Darwinian Principles is enough to logically infer that life was an accident. We are all just big smart amoebas. However, out of natural order an eternal entity can also be conceptualized which is as old (not an exo second older) as the universe : EXISTENCE. We can...1/2

@GoodNameNotFound ... worship that if we fancy but I am not inclined to believe all of this mess had a purpose.

@ninad Kinda lost... which mess are you referring to... interesting conversation... help me out... @GoodNameNotFound

@ninad Life has a purpose too well hidden though, since it sometimes seems aimless. Life's meaning has yet to be understood, but to place that kind of caveat emptor is a lil 2 dicey, meaning can't have a meaning! Either there's a meaning or there isn't... imho

U are right.
Let me rephrase. Our individual lives certainly have meaning. Coz we are already in a world where so much has happened. Thus we can find our purpose here.
What i meant in the replies to that tweet was that the existence of universe doesn't seem to have meaning. And that life as it happened happened basically through some lucky accidents.

@ninad Can't help agree with you at first reaction on the universe thingy... but i will come back ...

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