Today is the first day I felt like bird site here on Mastodon. I understand it is the Indian men and not the website at fault. But gender issues is important to me. I hate men who try to mansplain to me about women issues. I felt really happy reading the rules of Mastodon which said sexism & advocacy of sexism is not allowed. I am largely peaceful in debates unless provoked, today was just a bad day with bad men around I guess, why didn’t we leave this men in bird app? *sighs*

@Deepsealioness I would like to offer apologies on behalf of them 🙏

@ninad not your fault at all. I am just hormonal today so I get affected

@Deepsealioness So what if not my fault. I should do it just to make you feel better.
As I have said earlier, a social media which doesn't take a toll on mental health especially for politically aware and active people can only be realized if we heal for every wound by either apologizing or through praise/appreciation posts.

@Deepsealioness hehe. Thanks.
BirdSite handle I deleted it long time ago actually. Was fed up. Got into argument with few folks on national security and since I used to engage in mostly politics, economy and geopolitics it was difficult to stay there among constant arguing and trolling. Also it was consuming too much of my time while offering little in productivity/new learning. So thought it's better to focus on books & research papers than social media...1/2

@Deepsealioness ...but now I am here on another social media. :angery:

Even if I were active, you wouldn't have liked my profile as I followed many RW & centrist voices apart from usual LW voices. Also you wouldn't have liked my views on geopolitics. I am a realist. 🙈

@Deepsealioness oh I meant argued here not on BirdSite.
Don't remember exactly but it was something about sanghis. You labeled all of them as something and I argued that not all of them are such and BJP voter-base is a complex set of people. We just can't label all of them as blood thirsty people. They have a variety of reasons to vote the way they do.

@ninad @Deepsealioness
U said these same reasons to me.
Can't label them as one.
Variety of reasons etc.

Dunno, why this didn't occur to me when I replied to u.
But, whatever reasons they have, they vote for BJP, they are responsible for things going wrong today.
No reason can justify voting for them.
I have fought with NRIs giving What'sapp forward info to show their support.

Yes they are responsible for BJP being in power. That is a different thing than labelling all of them as haters or people who wants Hindu Rashtra.
Yes both you and me may agree that there can be no reason to vote them, well surely a lot of people disagree. There can be economic reasons, security (both internal and external) reasons (speaking as a former teenage supporter of BJP even before I could vote - plz don't kill me for this), TINA for some et al. 1/2


U know, when there is a big fight,
With BJP or against BJP
There is only one way.

I have been seeing anti BJP differ in opinions and some even come to fights...
But when they vote, they are all decidedly antiBJPee.

BJPeee stands for hate. Didn't start today, since 1992, my first awareness of their hateful nature.
I am not a Muslim either, but just a human being, who saw what hate they were capable of.

so TINA is an excuse they propagated.
No reason good enf.


I am not justifying any of the reasons I cited. I am just saying that they ARE a part of a set of reasons. Both you and @Deepsealioness are refusing to recognize that.
Propaganda doesn't work instantly. Both to push people into false narratives away from reality and to bring them back to reality, we have to constantly hammer them with information. In that battle, BJP is clearly ahead for now.
It's politics. We cant 'hope' people will understand our side and vote accordingly. 1/2

@KnottedBow @Deepsealioness
....we have to make them realize our reality and bring them out of their reality in order for them to vote as we wish. It is easy to think "how can anyone be so insensitive to not see BJP's hatred.." ...but in practice this world is driven not by idealist theories but real-politik. Unfair? Definitely. But that's the truth.
Hear/read Yogendra Yadav on how opposition surrendered the idea of nationalism to BJP for starters.

@Deepsealioness @KnottedBow yes I am not denying that. As I said the voters for BJP obviously include haters, racists, bigots, communal monsters.
But not ALL of them are such.

Yes. And that's pretty much the Gujarat model too. Mostly urban centred development at cost of tribals and villagers.

@ninad @KnottedBow so where do the innocent rural crowd come in. These are booted fucks voting bjp

@ninad @KnottedBow you said rural folks vote for bjp. I am saying what’s the excuse for this urban bigoted fucks

I think there is some confusion here.
In Guj it's the urban section which generally votes big to BJP - mostly businessmen and upper castes Hindus. Some of them vote coz of hate, some due to well urban development, some due to crony capitalism, blah blah...
BJP is comparatively weak in rural Gujarat areas.
Come on ma'am, u too know this. take a deep breath and ask yourself objectively. Can everyone who votes bjp have no reason except being hate mongering sanghis...

If it were that simple, we would have no hope of winning against BJP don't you think? Coz how can you convert a rabid communal sanghi into someone not voting for BJP?!!

The only reason we can still win 2024 is BECAUSE PEOPLE VOTE FOR DIFFERENT REASONS and they can be convinced to not vote for BJP by educating them about so many things.


Dekh Bhai...
Those who vote for hate, they can never be changed.
The expectation is always from other reason waale.
And these other reason waale are the ones who voted for 2014 and against in 2019.

I have asked 2 Gujjus, y Guj votes BJP more. Response aane de. Kal batate Hain reason.

True. Those hateful bigots can't be changed.
But there are still many who voted in 2019 for BJP who can be changed and won over.
You know that their vote share increased right? So there are still many who vote because of various reasons. Cynicism of @Deepsealioness aside, unless one believes in EVM conspiracy theories, one will keep fighting. Heck even if you believe that EVMs are rigged, you still should keep fighting.

Btw I am gujju.

And EVM ka locha hai.
Ppl are working on it.
Ppl have posted threads on it also.

Some of them I have countered. Both here as well as on BirdSite. But do send me links if something new comes up.

Countered or encountered (come across) ?🤔
Both have different meanings u know.


Some of them I have encountered and then countered them!!

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