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compatible terminal emulator: Done
Wooden handcrafted enclosure: Done
Acceptable frame rate: in progress.

[Datcast 0x02]

In this episode, we learn what's a directory and we use them to generate a phlog index.


Man, da vinci resolve is actually a pretty decent editing suite nowadays. It evolved a lot since last time I check up.

Its color-grading tool is AMAZING, but you probably already know that.

The audio eq and compressor is actually far better than premiere's one.

Perfs are premiere-pro grade.

It does not cost you half a car per year and have a really decent free tier.

IT IS LINUX COMPATIBLE: no need to dual boot anymore!

I guess I'll switch to this at the end of my adobe CC subscription!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you an initial port of the #Kaleidoscope #keyboard #firmware to the #ErgoDox!


Tested on an ErgoDox EZ, so far so good. Mind you, this is a rough port. There is no debouncing yet, and some of the features of recent EZs (such as the RGB underglow of the EZ Shine) are not supported yet, and there may be bugs here and there. But the very basics work.

I wanted to do this for so long, and I finally succeeded.

There was a q on here recently about #plume that was basically "why do we need a federated bog site?"

The reason is that long-form writing is an investment and needs the social component to thrive. We had that with RSS/comments, but Twitter and Facebook killed those.

A federated blog platform would mean: more hosts for users to choose from. Easy feedback loop via mastodon, pleroma, etc.

I'm tired of maintaining my blog, but I would be very interested in porting the content to #plume.

[Datcast 0x01]

In this episode, we implement the transport layer of a server using .


I will open up my gopher server for all interested beings.

Spread the love:

Trending on reddit: hackwithlambda.github.io/readi

First item: "why functional programming is the correct way to program" - WTF, really? I'm triggered.

No wonder some people end up qualifying FP programmers "FP bulldogs."

This kind of church war really needs to stop.

Is supporting "gnu social groups"? ie !group

Can anyone recommend a recent book (perhaps within 5 years) on compiler design and implementation, specifically with llvm in mind?

"Another important lesson I’ve learned is that practice != deliberate practice. Deliberate practice refers to a special type of practice that is purposeful, systematic, and stretches your mind to its limits. Regular practice might include mindless repetitions of the same task, while deliberate practice requires focused attention and is performed with the specific goal of improving performance."


More than clients I need people to collaborate with.

Do you have a lot of work? Can't you start a project because it's very big for you?
Maybe it's better if we work together.
Also the opposite way, if I have a chance to make a big project and you are around I'll try to make it with you and that's great for both of us.

That's what I want to do.

All of this made in a clean way with no shit in the middle. No toxic stuff.

Remember what Stallman did ~30 years ago when proprietary software dominated, he didn't recommended abstinence he came up with a positive answer aka Free Software. We need to do the same with today's evolving technology (cloud, saas, IoT, whatever). Ignoring it will change nothing we have to get engaged and shape it in a freedom and privacy respecting way.

#gopher folks and other text afficianados, check out this fantastic site:


It wraps #figlet and generates ALL THE FONTS on the fly as you type. Solid implementation.

Aaaaaand, my taskd setup magically broke again. We're the 2nd, this is the second breakage of the month, and no, it does not involve any TLS expired cert this time :(

Don't get me wrong: I love task warrior, but the sync part is such a pain to maintain...