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Found my new drug, it's a 5h long unedited glider flight recording:


I now feel the urge to learn how to pilot a glider :)

(sorry for the repost, typos edit)

Joey Heiss created a account: liberapay.com/joeyh/

If you don't know who's this guy, check out Propellor [1] and git-annex [2].

If you are already donating to him, time to switch to librapay. New patreon service fees are incredibely high (~0.40€ per month).

[1] propellor.branchable.com/
[2] git-annex.branchable.com/

Goddammit, I just posted a quote from Jean Michel Jarre... I actually agree with this guy...

Is this what we call growing up?

About music: "[..] it's important to understand that technology is dictating styles and not the opposite"


this is amazingly beautiful - a modular from scratch by Chris Beckstrom:

"We need more people who aren't upper middle-class white dudes wiggling knobs, and perhaps one way to accomplish that is to get folks building their own inexpensive music-makers."


#modular #electronicmusic #diy #artwithopensource #makers

Just wrote a post on bracket function and more generally about partially applied functions:


Long story short: if you need to run some custom code on the PocketChip, forget about Haskell, stick to Python3...

stack on the pocket chip, take two.

With more virtual memory this time.

Aaand, now looks llvm is not recent enough. Sadly, Debian Stretch is still not available for this device (wanky drivers)...

Looks like the struggle is futile here...

Well, this is it, I am finally out of our time-constrained dimension.



Two hours to configure that goddamn taskd service...

All I wanted to do is to have my tasks synced to my phone. Did not expected to configure a whole CA system for that!


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Just read this article about GTD: hamberg.no/gtd/

Does anybody uses this "framework" here? Why? How long have you been following that?

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Hey folks,

Just found this affordable 7.5 inch e-ink display: waveshare.com/product/modules/

It is shipped with its SPI driven raspberry pi hat; the distributor even provides some code samples in its wiki.

They also provide an arduino lib.

Yup, 54$.

Don't know for you but this is exactly what I was looking for.

Here's a video of somebody testing it: youtube.com/watch?v=MsbiO8EAsG

Bonus: for 10$ more, they even sell a three color version of it (red, black, white).

Found my new artistic crush: youtube.com/watch?v=ll0egrmKZj

If you are into DIY syths or just good electronic music, you really should check out this youtube channel!

"Have a popular Android app? Let's make you some money by letting your users mine Monero without their knowledge!" blog.fefe.de/?ts=a70a980a


Fact #18: if you change your github username, you break every package that depended on one of your packages (extra transition milestone!)