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compatible terminal emulator: Done
Wooden handcrafted enclosure: Done
Acceptable frame rate: in progress.

#introductions Hello guys! I'm quite new here :) I think time spent with plants and animals is never lost. I also enjoy to sew my own bracelets, and clothes! I play weird musical instruments, and recently started origami folding.
Some of my interests:
#progressivemetal #experimental #classical #ambient #music
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I see a lot of newcomers, time for another .

I talk mostly about . I also happen to post some stuff from time to time.

I write a lot of code, more generally, I am into FP and software verification.

These day, I am making a DIY e-ink based laptop, I actually mostly post about this lately.

Welcome to the fediverse.



I'm a programmer from Barcelona, I enjoy mostly both extremes of the abstraction range, low-level and abstract programming languages and type systems. I'm also trying to get more into electronics lately.

On my free time I program, listen and play music, play videogames and eat.

I have a dog.

Alright, I give up on the 7.5" eink screen partial refresh.

I'm just gonna publish the e-ink computer as it is and hope it gets a minimum attention to push manufacturers to publish the stock LUTs...

Anybody managed to read anything from the SPI MISO channel (screen -> Computer) of their waveshare/good-display screen?

I cannot read anything but 0x00, it's driving me nuts...

The datasheet does not mention any special trick, I don't get it...

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@MightyPork The LUT is specifying the waveform applied to VCOM and VCM.

While VCOM (the common electrode layer, ie. voltage applied to all the segments) will always have the same waveform for each draw, the upper electrode layer waveform will depends on the current value of each segment. That's why you have several VCM LUTS (black -> black, black -> white, white -> white, white -> black).

Hey @MightyPork , nice blog. I cannot find the feed url (rss or atom), do you have one?

compatible terminal emulator: Done
Wooden handcrafted enclosure: Done
Acceptable frame rate: in progress.

Golang is unusual because in most languages the type system tells you when you made a mistake, but in Golang the type system tells you when Rob Pike made a mistake.

I'm so triggered by this post: lobste.rs/s/spoqkt/github_shou

"What, we do not checksum check the source of our dependencies which is mutable by design? Let's shitstorm the hosting provider for not fixing our toolchain!"


Dear power users.

Does anyone know how keyboard ev-dev inputs (ie /dev/inputX) are translated to the correct characters using the default kernel keymap (/usr/src/linux/drivers/char/defkeymap.map) in terminal mode (ie. no X11 nor wayland)?

I am confused and cannot find this answer on the internet and I'm too afraid to read any kind of linux kernel code...

(could you please boost if you do not have the answer, thanks!)

If you ever wondered how TTYs are handled by *nixes systems, this article is pretty awesome:


Time to spread an unpopular fact: Satie > Debussy

@ekaitz_zarraga @jjg Hey folks, I need a mediawiki setup for a project and it seems that the e-ink wiki instance ( einkwiki.alternativebit.fr ) is kind of useless.

Can I reuse this instance? Do you want a content backup?

Total Darkness at 5pm, red wooden cabins, polar temperatures, empty streets, truckloads of snow.

I guess I'm just back to Sweden...