Great talk on the experiments / has done so far and their current plans

"FOSDEM 2021: Pinecones and Dendrites - P2P Matrix Progress"

Quick notes
- libp2p+dendrite as a single binary run locally
- libp2p+dendrite compiled to WASM and run in-browser
- Yggdrasil+dendrite as a single binary

- Element iOS P2P: Pinecone+dendrite run natively on iOS whenever app is open, capable of discovering other nodes over AWDL

- is a p2p overlay network with a design like Yggdrasil as its starting point, but it will explore using source routing and virtual ring routing to mitigate the performance issues that can occur in Yggdrasil when nodes are unstable
- Explore gossiping and store-and-forward to avoid the performance issues of full-mesh (what matrix servers all are today)
- Portable Identities - MSC2787

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