@HATF Hope you are doing okay. Notyep and I are worried. Please let us know if you are okay or need help.

television commercials are being run to inform the populace that experian will monitor the dark web to protect their customers.

this is akin to the mafia announcing they are monitoring freelance pickpockets to protect Sicilians.

@djsundog gotta have some place to store all that info..

and, geez, who uses those old ass verafone terminals for CC fraud anymore? ;)

i'm the dog. no one expects to have their identity stolen by a dog on the internet...

Seriously, I didn't break the Federation or claim to cure cancer. I just set up an instance, tweaked some limits & CSS to see how some of my old stories looked in it. Seems like it could be a fun special-purpose community instance toot.lmorchard.com/media/Z1_Ix

Follow bots apparently run by instance admins: why don't you just patch the code to pull everything from other instances without the follow?

The one company that gets IoT security right is the one you'd least expect: Ikea mjg59.dreamwidth.org/47803.htm

We are still looking for Mastodon devs to help us port !pleroma to Mastodon! If you want an alternative, more twitter-like layout with some advanced filtering options, please contact me! https://social.heldscal.la/attachment/350085

the best thing about this error is that the follow request did go through

actually why are Mastodon instances not called herds

Hmm, sync between federated nodes seems quite laggy. Also importing follow lists seems to be quite slow (at least on the other instance I am on).

Then again that instance has been a bit unstable today.

you can't be duped by your instance admin if you're your own admin


don't knock my hipster C2 methods. I mean, someone made a C2 protocol for reddit. It shows you that anything can be useful at least once.

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My dear friend @way created tooter.today/ to help people pick a Mastodon instance that suits them!

I have a belief, unfounded in any data, that Hackers was more influential that any film of the nineties, not in it's reach, but it it's target audience, and their future influence.

@sonya That article just reeks of "I don't like things I don't understand and I don't care to understand them either"

Federated social media does have usability concerns, and yes there is a learning curve. But this kind of knee-jerk negativity is disappointing! (Counterpoint: Eh, whatever, we don't need Mastodon to be Twitter-scale anyway.) mashable.com/2017/04/05/mastod

*Takes deep breath, sea breeze*

Had forgotten what it was like to not have brands marketing to you

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