Nityananda has thumbed his nose at the Indian government; not only has he absconded, but appears to have declared sovereignty. India can move the Interpol system but it boils down to whether Ecuador will accede to New Delhi’s requests, if & when made. 1/n


It appears Nityananda has purchased a private island in/from Ecuador and set up the sovereign state of ‘Kailaasa’ on it. Now sovereignty works until it’s challenged by another. Kailaasa can enjoy sovereignty until someone decides to contest it. If Ecuador doesn’t, unlikely anyone else will. 2/n

Ultimately anyone claiming sovereignty will have to defend the claim using force. The stronger party will prevail. (It’s the same if you are Kailaasa or China, it’s ultimately about how much power you command.) 3/n

It’s another story whether other countries accept your claim of sovereignty. If they don’t, you won’t get UN membership. Even so, as long as no one turns up at your border to challenge you, you are effectively sovereign. 4/n

So, with regard to Nityananda, the Modi govt can:
a) Do Nothing
b) Request Ecuador to take action (via Interpol)
c) Send troops to invade Kailaasa (& violate Ecuador’s sovereignty)
d) Get him kidnapped & shipped back

Modi govt must not allow Nityananda to get away with this clever trick. Amusing, but not funny. He’s accused of serious crimes and must be made to stand trial. Also the sovereignty claim sets a bad precedent. 6/6


Do you have any evidence/proof, to back the claim that your fav guru has really got an island for himself ?

This is the exact reason why modi + shah rules over you folks.

You guys will believe anything.


He could be hiding in tamilnadu and making a kailaasa website.

Now, don't be so naive to believe all these claims simply because Indian express and other idiots have printed an article with those rumours.

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