Public support for the police killing of the rape-murder accused shows that a “large number of Indians have lost faith in the judicial system...if the Supreme Court initiates a process to reduce the backlog and (speed up the process) it will send a signal that the judiciary shares the people’s concern.”

“Sir, the Preamble of our Constitution declares that justice is the first thing that the state seeks to secure. Yet, it appears now that power is all that matters....To any neutral observer, sir, it is clear that we are ruled by power, not by the rule of law.”

“Justice abhors a vacuum, which is filled by local thugs, khap panchayats, mobs, political leaders and a police force acting outside the law. All these are not only challenging the majesty of the law, they are directly challenging (the judiciary’s) authority.”

“Your speech at Jodhpur, sir, makes it amply clear that you are concerned about the problem. The solutions are also known. The Hyderabad police encounter injects an almost existential urgency for action. For the republic’s sake, sir, please act now.”

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