Got questions? We're giving away bundles, so ask away here: 🤓 I'll answer them and announce the winners with my video next week!

We're doing a contest live now on Twitch! I'm announcing my big social good panel too to benefit Engineers without Borders, see you there 👉

What's the last adventure game you've played? Let's talk about it and I'll give away some free games too while we're at it! thx

Excited to give away free games every hour all day to celebrate the launch of tomorrow! Watch devs answer your questions below. More on this & how to win here: thx to 🎮

What do you want to know about using games & technology for the good of society? I talk with pioneers in this field tomorrow and I'd love to share your thoughts / questions with them! Learn more:

And the award for best graphic quality setting in an game goes to... 😂

When will I make another video? When I get to guest write regularly for again 😈 cc: 🐧

Dear readers, can you this for me pretty please? 🇯🇵 I'd love to know the story🙃 どうもありがとう!!

Sitting in the observation zone after my 2nd shot and I'm hearing patients chat about their new travel plans... dinner dates, concerts. I feel equal parts excited and worried. How about you? 🤔


How has Linux impacted your life? Tell us at: 30 submissions will be randomly selected to be featured & be able to name 1 of 30 penguins being adopted in honor of Linux’s 30th Anniversary. Learn more:


In 1 hr, I chat w/ the director of Open Source Program, exec. VP of the, co-chair of the Free and Open Source Software SIG in - along with 2 other kickass women in games & Sierra Reid! Got questions?

Fun filled weekend

Today through Sunday, kicks off their global online event - I'm hosting a panel tomorrow! Please share this post, and learn more here:

Game, watch and support all at once! 💜


Tune in for Women in Gaming panel Saturday Apr 17, 11am pt.'s hosts Sierra Reed, Ruth Suehle, and Stephanie Naboshek as they talk "all things gaming"

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What leaves 'easter eggs' for infosec folks on Easter?

A bash bunny


It has been a lifelong dream to retrofit a motorhome with technical gear and turn myself into the ultimate travelin' techno hippie. So far a RMC Motorhome is looking great for this. Any other ideas? 🤓

oh hi there. happy Monday 👋


Can anyone point me to any non-dude Linux YouTubers?


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