Been thinking about @mala's comments yesterday about how mastodon's diy and decentralized vibe evokes the spirit of the "first web".

On the one hand, I am feeling the nostalgia for power-to-the-people techno-utopianism.

On the other hand, we've since learned that the most likely outcome of that ideology looks less like infinite transcendent expression and more like /r/bitcoin.

Can we do better this time?

tbh prioritizing witches & furries over encryption seems like a reasonable start…

(the apparent whiteness of this place worries me though.)

@njs yep! Wondering if there's an element of 'white flight' going on


@cfbolz Oh that's a horrifying but plausible idea :-(

Hmm. I guess it'd be something like: some folks are more able to flee the abusive tech companies, leaving behind those who have less flexibility (for a lot of reasons – tech access, network lock-in, financial reliance on the audience size, ... – probably all of which correlate with marginalization). Maybe? Which is ugly, but at least there's some hope in that this time the people left behind are not also the thing being fled?

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