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i'm a 28 years old software developer who's about to move to another country (utc+6 to utc).

i'm somewhat good at & , and recently started refreshing my skills.

i'm still practicing my , and i hope to master articles some day. my native languages are and .

i do occasionally. i like street photography.

when no one is watching, i'm tinkering with lexers & parsers.

got a new macbook at work. can't believe apple turned its keyboard into garbage.

hey @Gargron, not sure whether it was already reported, but some toots are missing image previews.

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🇬🇧 In the Qadisha valley, North Lebanon

🇫🇷 Dans la vallée de Qadisha, Liban nord

#photo #photography #Liban #Lebanon #Qadisha

ai won't wipe out humanity.

the only future i can imagine is the one where robots will beat us in every game to show their superiority.

no matter how much personal computers get advanced, someone will come up with a text editor which consumes all the memory.

good designers copy, great designers steal.
- some manufacturers in china

finally when you think you understand spoken english, someone starts talking to you in an unfamiliar accent, and you feel completely lost.

терминал - отличный фильм.

- who is it?
- хи из э мэн оф мизэри
- a misery? mystery?
- но-но, э мэн оф мизэри. хи со сик, хи со ин лав.

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Not buying a Tesla until I can drive it with Vim commands

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you know, in a few years flash games could be considered retrogaming. probably with few hobbyists writing new ones in actionscript.

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if you like this sort of thing, and are able, please consider supporting my work. much of my work involves new cellular automata rules and artificial life.

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