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i'm a 28 years old software developer who's about to move to another country (utc+6 to utc).

i'm somewhat good at & , and recently started refreshing my skills.

i'm still practicing my , and i hope to master articles some day. my native languages are and .

i do occasionally. i like street photography.

when no one is watching, i'm tinkering with lexers & parsers.

update on the room: the previous installation disappeared and the room was empty and the window covered for the last couple of days. started to think it was rented by others.

nope. cought a glimpse of the working process today. let's see what's upcoming.

remember people used to joke about chrome eating up all the memory?

now it's eating up browser market share.

millenials aren't killing anything. it's just old folks complaining.

millenials - keep doing what you're doing. you'll complain the same way too when you age.

once upon a time there was a princess. as a punishment for relying on trendy js libraries every few months and using thousands of npm modules she was cursed to write ecmascript 5 with internet explorer 8 support.


"pardon the interruption..."


"" line in /etc/hosts.

so there's a building next to my workplace with a room with big windows. and it showcases some modern art installations. no idea what this place's called or who does it.

anyways, i've decided to take some shots whenever i see something new.
will keep them posted under

someday in the future i'm gonna tell my children:

"back in my day we didn't have this twitch/game streamers crap. we used to go to the gaming clubs and watch over people's shoulders."

"this content is not available in your country"

*opens a new tab, searches for the name, clicks the first link*

yes it is

i've always wondered how most of open source projects were created. learning what their source of inspiration were and how the authors came up with a solution is interesting. it's like a biography of the projects' birth.

does anyone have any personal backstories of their projects?

why most of the disney princesses don't have moms?
does this explain why they always get in trouble & end up relying on a man to show up to solve their problems? because they weren't taught to stand for themselves by their mothers?

am i overthinking it? 🤔

finished watching "sorry to bother you" just recently.

thought it was a "black people rights"-themed movie at first. well, i was partially right. spoiler: it is about politics, but the general idea is much bigger.

the plot is crazy & absurdist. but it is really worth your time. go watch it.

2018 has started! this year i'm doing it in lang.

extracted my vim colorscheme to a separate repo as well

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the black mesa xen looks very promising. can't wait to play it!

got a new macbook at work. can't believe apple turned its keyboard into garbage.

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