about to visit ikea store for the first time. hope i won't get stuck in there.

feel a bit lazy to take a camera, so switching to mobile for a while.
here's a lazy-ass shot.

flight from london to edinburgh. waited on the passport control line for more than a hour. turns out our queue is in another terminal. missed the plane.

luckily the next plane had 2 unoccupied seats.

a guy walking out of the house in handcuffs. an old gentleman claiming he's being bullied by the landlord.

nice start of the settlement.

In the near future...

Software developers insist on renaming "primary/replica" terms, since it deeply touches human clones.

british airlines safety video is the best instruction i've ever watched


decided to test call record feature on my phone. god my voice sounds weird.

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Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.

docker on blockchain written in react native

dance like nobody is watching.

code like no one is reviewing.

no matter what you invent, china will create replicas with somewhat comparable quality and much lower prices.

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американо с корицей?
нет, руссиано с укропом!

i'm a 28 years old software developer who's about to move to another country (utc+6 to utc).

i'm somewhat good at & , and recently started refreshing my skills.

i'm still practicing my , and i hope to master articles some day. my native languages are and .

i do occasionally. i like street photography.

when no one is watching, i'm tinkering with lexers & parsers.

don't follow your dreams.

follow the white rabbit.

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switching back and forth between and .
accidentally wrote 'print(foo)' instead of 'console.log(foo)'.
got confused when the browser kept trying to print the webpage.

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