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i wonder how long it will take before hosting services start providing hosted decentralization services (mastodon, peertube etc). and will it happen at all

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Offices are kind of... Bad. Libraries all have quiet study areas because people realize that many people need a quiet environment to do challenging work, but for some reason that logic never carried over into the workplace.

it also explains informal "old new year" holiday.

history ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

it always bugged me why october revolution is celebrated in november.

turns out they were using julian calendar at the time. due to inaccuracy of the calendar it fell behind gregorian one for a few weeks.

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Swearing is like spice: you should use it, for the language to have a taste.
But be very careful with the amount, or it all will just become a waste.

this is how hackers steal your passwords - by carefully scraping them with tweezers


turkish case mapping for dotless/dotted `i` letter leads to some unpredictable results.

> turk kardeşler anlarlar

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век живи - век учись... все равно vim полностью не освоишь.

pep 572 (assignment expressions) looks ugly as f*ck. but it should resolve the struggle i didn't give much thought.

on the other hand, i like the alternative syntax described here more:


today i learned that is totally ok with the same variable names used in `for ... in` loops. really weird.

is awesome. brings back my childhood memories.

men in black is basically a buddy cop action comedy movie. but with aliens.
just rewatched recently. classic sci-fi gem.

ok, some serious questions:

why aren't strings multiline by default in scripting languages?

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after a few months of testing i've finally switched to hashpass. highly recommended for those who have too many passwords to remember and don't trust online password managers.