The summer release 2021 is out! We've created a new flow to add an emission and now 10 languages are now available, including Spanish, Malay and Chinese 🇨🇳

The sustainable guide is finally available! The new version also bring polish, danish, russian & portuguese languages to the app

Nice work accomplished thanks to the help on .

Download for iOS and Android

A new version is available on Android and soon on iOS! What’s new? New emission type (electricity), user location, german translation and more behind the scenes!

The is almost over in some countries and you’re wondering how much you have emitted using , and other services? Download our new iOS and Android app to find out!

The third version of is out with a new icon!

We have improved the design, removing shadows and you can now change the date of an emission 📅

Our second version is available on iOS and Android! You have now the possibility to name an emission, to add a motorbike emission 🏍, to display the number of days without eating meat and the app is partially available in 🇸🇪

Because of the , internet usage is spiking. Here is a really nice list of resources to reduce your digital footprint made by @lowwebtech

We spent several hours translating the amazing data gueule video explaining how social media are addictive and poison. This is just an appetizer, in our app we will explain that not only they are bad for us, but also for the environment. Stay tuned ✌️ is finally here! 🥳
You can now download the app for both iOS and Android and find the code on Github
If you want to help, come talk to us on Slack ✌️

This is the end of our Kickstarter campaign! We are 113 % funded ✌️

Thank you for your support, we are very excited for the next steps in bringing NMF to life!

We are successfully funded on Kickstarter !!! 🥳🎉 Thank you for your support!

Here is a cute sticker that you can get if you pledge on Kickstarter!
Made by the amazing illustrator Nini Wanted 👌

Here is a sneak peek of the design, find out more here : We are 10 % funded !

We were at Storstrejk För Klimatet in supporting the global climate strike.

"Notre maison brûle et nous regardons ailleurs", , Earth Summit, 2002

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