After visiting the Apple Shop within Saturn in and an Apple Premium Reseller in and the Apple Temple in all within a few days I came to the conclusion that I have to stay with Android, because Apple absolutely has no phone that I can learn to like.

Tomorrow my (centre of image) turns 1500 days old. I have it exactly 4 years now.

It works perfectly fine, but it's stuck. So sooner or later I will have to replace it.

The question is: Do I really NOT go for a change (to ) and stick with some more or less (on the right in the image)? Apple products are not competitive, but they are DIFFERENT.

I'm asking, because I usually believe in "Anything different is good!".

(The image is a screenshot of .)

@nnz are the Android phones exemplary or are these in consideration?

G: Maybe add Nokia for less difference from Google or Fairphone for completely different phone background.

A: v different. I am more than happy with my 2016 iPhone and I value OS support more than adaptability.

@fihu The phones in the image are in consideration, but they weren't always, because only since recently I'm willing to drop features that I originally absolutely wanted -- like OLED display and Telecamera -- for better reasons (that I haven't found yet).

Long-time OS support (and a change to something different) might be among those better reasons. (Unfortunately I really don't like the XS iPhones. They are either too big or too small.) And I definitely want a high-end-camera, so Nokia is out.

@fihu Android phones just recently re-entered the list of phones in consideration when I found out that I don't want an Apple Watch anytime soon. (I don't like the design of Series 4, and I don't see a valid use case for a gadget like that.) And this chinese EMUI stuff (Huawei) would somehow be different, too, because it isn't really Android. (And has OLED display and Telecamera.)

I have lots of time, though, because my old phone works fine. (I just want to be prepared.)

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