Posting something here to prove I haven't abandoned Mastodon. I'm still patiently waiting for the time when Mastodon will rise above.

Ah, the Danes. You say "good morning", and they not only ndont reply, but run away like startled cats. Otherwise very friendly people, though

Twitter screenshot. The profile pic of the profile has a lady in a sexually suggestive pose. 

My cat tends to sneeze when I approach him. Is it possible that he's allergic to me? 🤧

Gene edits to ‘CRISPR babies’ might have shortened their life expectancy

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I'm a fan of Signal because of their security, and I'd like more contacts to switch to Signal. However... When it comes to the prettiness of the app, Threema and Telegram and clearly the superior rivals. Too bad that Threema is not open source, and that Telegram is not as safe, allegedly.

Yesterday I barely spent time browsing the internet, so I'm only now learning about Firefox add-ons stopping working. I'm glad the issue has been fixed and that I don't have to go into The Internet without my favourite extensions.

Instead of partying or going out, I took Saturday to sleep. I slept 10 hours this night :blobcat:

Another day, another pen either lost or stolen.

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Alright, I haven't been here in a while. Have more people joined meanwhile?

And by KeePass, I meant the app for Android KeePassDroid.

I've been using Microsoft launcher on Android. It's pretty, it's sleek, and does its job. I also like to use KeePass, however, and one of the features I appreciate is that the clipboard is cleared from the passwords after a pre-defined time. Sadly, Microsoft launcher just seems to store everything from the clipboard, including all my passwords for everybody to see. Given all this, I'm now trying a new launcher:

@Tutanota has just released a desktop client for their email. Already installed on my laptop 😀

You know what I think it would be a nice feature to add to Firefox Focus? History. Then we would have a Firefox browser better adapted to Android, and a still fully functional browser. They can add a button that makes it easy to delete everything, without doing so every time one closes the browser.

As per The Guardian, Putin is against a second Brexit referendum because "one must respect the will of the people". This coming from a dictator, no less.

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