The official obituary for her stated that she died from “cancer-related complications” on September 19.

Earlier this month, Heisler once again took to Twitter to share she took the third dose of the vaccine.

Just a week after getting the shot, Heisler began to experience side effects, and yet, despite that, she still managed to curse the unvaccinated.

Heisler then went on to post that her cardiologist tried to get her admitted to a local hospital, but stated no rooms were available because of COVID.

Just two weeks after she received her third vaccine, Heisler died.

Karen Croake Heisler, 67, received the first dose of the vaccine back on January 13, 2021.

“Just got my first dose of the vaccine. Never been happier to be ‘old.’ Now let’s get these vaccines rolling for everyone!” she posted on Twitter.

Then, on April 9, the professor tweeted out that she had experienced zero side effects after she took the second Pfizer shot.

China’s power outages shut down factories, fuel climate goal pushback

In the city of Jilin, a state-owned water services provider sent out a message warning residents that power cuts “of indeterminate lengths, at indeterminate times, without plan, without warning,” would be the norm until March.

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Demonstration in Paris for #Myanmar democracy : Performance by Yadanar Win - Sept 18 2021. © Viet Nam Aujourd'hui #birmanie

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House Democrats propose new retirement plan rules for the rich, including contribution limits and a repeal of Roth conversions
I invest 401k investment(iDeco).
But I understand that Mr.Biden wants to take tax from rich people.
#401k #iDeco #Biden

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So apparently Joe #Biden has been president for a year now and surprise surprise, COVID levels are where they are at when things were at their worst under Trump.. Remind me again how Biden is so much better than Trump.

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BREAKING: After weeks of strikes and protests, Nabisco workers have voted to ratify a new contract & end their strike.

The new agreement includes $.60/hour wage increases each year for 4 years, a $5K bonus for all employees, and blocks Mondelez's planned health care cuts.


Look at Obama's face. That's exactly what he's thinking.

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