I had an epiphany recently when an activist on a ventilator pointed out that it wasn’t their revolution if they died because you couldn’t keep the hospitals running.

Criticising “capitalism” only gets so far: you have to slide the better version underneath it while it’s running. You have to save everybody.

Otherwise you’ll need to remind me - and then - why you thought you’d be better.

This is why I like to watch “capitalism” closely (and lift everything that works).

@mala Healthcare fails millions of Americans per year with 'running' hospitals... but we all should all sit on our hands to forstall loss of access for those by circumstance or privilege that have access?

The persistance 'as is' of these types of ursurious institutions is the definition of status quo. These intititions also have existential impetus to withold services for regressive political reasons. I persoanlly hope doctors side with the people, but... 1/2


@mala I have zero faith that trying to tear down the master's house using the master's tools will be an effective strategy.

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