Draw A Box, 250 Box Challange Milestone reached: 50% done.

This takes much longer than I thought, is way harder than I thought, but also much more enlightening than I expected.

But I will be SO happy when I'm done with it.

Back from a short vacation with very little internet consumption!

, Day 7 Exhausted:


Didn't have much time today, so i just did a quick few studies and then went straight to ink. Didn't turn out too bad. 😅

Day 2 of : . Thought about what that means for me. And right now it’s my sketchbook, headphones, a cup of tea and some snacks. After some warm up practicing this is the first time I really used the Pentel brush pen. Much to learn still, but so much fun to use!


Using the Macbook upright in a Clamshell stand. Which side goes top? 🤔

After a few months of break, it's time again. We're going to play Overwatch!

Kinda excited to see how the recent changes affected the gameplay.

Also wondering if it's still as toxic as before. Probably yes.

Also finally making the effort to learn all those Lightroom shortcuts, and omg

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