Google wants to kill the URL:

> But it’s important we do something, because everyone is unsatisfied by URLs. They kind of suck.

Wat. Who's everyone? I don't think they do. I think they're pretty great in fact.

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I mean, I agree that typing URL adresses sucks - especially on mobile. But so is typing telephone numbers, right?

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@nocksock Or home addresses. When I order stuff. Or mail-addresses when I log in.

@nocksock This is probably just them wanting a bigger share of the worldwide traffic pie.

@nocksock URLs are what makes the web. Links pointing at other pages and such.
Why would you want to break one of the most fundamental systems of the internet? 🙄


1. Kill URLs
2. ????
3. Profit

The sad part is that Google certainly has step 2 already figured out, even *way* before step 1 has even been put into motion.

@nocksock that's what I was thinking reading that article.
Sounds like:"We don't like URLs, so they must go. How can we do it?"
Never asking the question:"Does it really make sense for the rest of the world?"
The arguments made seem pretty hollow to me.

@nocksock Looking for clues I found this: "Google wants a cleaner, tidier, less diverse web, and they will use every weapon at their disposal to accomplish that."

@nice2meatu Ah! Thanks! Had this article on my reading list alread. Moved it to the top now. Will read it later during lunch.

@nocksock I mean, with all the new interesting TLDs over the last few years, I'd say URLs are more satisfying than ever. Hell of a strawman from Google there.

@nocksock Yeah this quote from the article stood out for me as well. I think they mean that the human-readability and understandability of URLs isn't perfect.
But the whole article is kinda unfortunate. What's the point of the interview when they won't tell what they want to do?

@unextro I'd assume it's that "Let's make a crass statement so when we actually have something to show it's less shocking"-Strategy.

@nocksock same. When they say “replace the URL” they mean “everything is a Google search,” which, no. Just no.

@nocksock *What* they do is amazing. *How* they do it is hodge-podge of hacks and gotchas.

@nocksock I personally don't know anyone who's expressed issues with URLs themselves, neither laypeople or tech folks, but plenty who are unhappy about bad IA that manifests as large or unmemorable URLs.

As far as I can see, a solution to bad IA will either have to:

- Mask it, which short links and aliases already can now; or

- Force good practices, like AMP with resources/perf, but also something people can fix right now.

Neither of these require something to replace URLs.

@nocksock what anoys me about URLs is the extra garbage (analytics parameters, etc). Sometimes when you want to share a URL you have to clean it first.

Is it just me?

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