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Have been drawing daily for at least 1hour* each day for more than 3 weeks now. Not even digitally, but with actual pen and paper. And it feels awesome.

* rather 2 times at least 30minutes most of the time.

Tomorrow Hilda launches
on ! I totally love that artstyle and from the trailer it looks like a mix of over the garden wall meets gravity falls:

Remember, it's okay to turn off the news for a bit.

I often write just slightly longer texts in iA writer because I'm often not sure if return will send the message, add a break or if I have to press shift-return to do that.

Especially in those chat-like feedback widgets.

Adam Neely's most recent Video "Why pop music sounds bad (to you)" is great, as always.

> It's because your brain took cocaine when you were 14.

Finally started and finished Thor Vol. 1: The Goddess of Thunder. It’s as awesome as I hoped it would be.

finally do I have the proper way of looking at the fediverse :icon_mrgreen:

also yes it's fully functional and I'm actually using it as my main interface right now

I wonder if there will ever be an external apple keyboard with touchbar.

Yes, I still do like the touch bar.

Recently rediscovering my passion for drawing. Not even digitally. Just pen and paper and music. Currently also having fun just doing drawing exercises - which is a first; never really liked doing those before.

Back in Hamburg. Kinda glad that I didn't watch the Keynote, seems like it was mostly disappointing anyways.

Gives me the chance to save up for the next iPad-Keynote.

Last day on Rømø. Probably going to miss the Keynote. But luckily I'm not really interested in buying new things right now anyways. The recent MBP purchase still satisfies my GAS and I'm happy with my first gen iPad Pro. The recent MBP purchase still satisfies my GAS and I'm happy with my first gen iPad Pro. The recent MBP purchase... but that Apple Watch Leak tho... 🤔

Naja, wir würden ja auch jeder anderen Institution sowas durchgehen lassen. Das ist ganz normal. Schließlich geht es um... eine ausgedachte Geschichte und einen ausgedachten Typen, der uns alle erstellt haben soll. Das ist wichtig!! Dafür können schon mal ein paar Kinder herhalten!!

Halfway through Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. But already easily a 10/10.

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