There's a painstaking effort to breed a blight resistance gene into the once-mighty American chestnut tree. Old school genetic engineering.

TIL is run by RELIGIOUS homeschoolers and recommends a bunch of religious homeschooling materials without indicating it as such. They also fraudulently claimed their "curriculum directory" was put together by another, *actually* secular homeschooling site.

My New Startup:

For only $19.99/month, we'll seed the Internet with plausible looking misinformation about where you live, what you do for a living, who you've shagged and what crimes you've been accused of.

Our SEO gurus will ensure our fake results always get more exposure than your real identity.

Beat the trolls at their own game.

Get Doxifake today.

Are there any Mastodon add-ons that allow auto-blocking of anyone who posts a link to a particular site? There's an annoying spam bot that keeps making new accounts and I'd like to make them a non-entity in my universe.

My dad had a floor length raccoon fur coat, and it's still in my mom's house. It's incredibly warm... I think I might start rocking it this winter. Plus, it makes me look like a fucking badass.

Dear lazywebs: what is your favorite way to run an X server on an Android 7 tablet over SSH?

Today in stupid software tricks, I discovered that you have to comment out the overlay for the CAN device on recent Beaglebone Blue images in order to make the CAN bus work. Why, I have not earthly idea... but it managed to cost me a fuckton of time and aggravation.

What's the first physical object we sent beyond our own solar system? A box with nudes, a mixtape, and directions to our place.

Super classy.

New term for incels of the Petersen-fellating subtype: couch lobsters.

"Network was the critical performance bottleneck 10 years, but today it’s CPU, especially given the amount of mobile traffic on lesser-powered devices... As pages get slower, JS is the CPU task that grows the most." - Steve Souders

Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That was a poem
From a simpler time

Boss makes three dollars
The economy's lit
I make a penny
And I haven't got shit

Nuclear take on Johnny Rotten: The Sex Pistols were a boy band with spiky leather and heroin.

Note to self -- red loctite is extra strong when you find you want to disassemble the thing 30 minutes after assembling it.

That skit would have been funny if was 90 seconds long and ended with violence.

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