Emacs lolz.

"GNU Emacs is an old-school C program emulating a 1980s Symbolics Lisp Machine emulating an old-fashioned Motif-style Xt toolkit emulating a 1970s text terminal emulating a 1960s teletype. Compiling Emacs is a challenge."


Today's Cold Turkey wisdom: "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

Working on it Ben.

@elomatreb @Azure My intro to programming and animation and application logic was in the form of games and digital toys. I was fascinated with tech from an early age tho.

The key is to stop doing "mass teaching". Personalize the lesson plan, based on the human being taught, by understanding their interests and giving them a reason to be curious.

Everyone has curiosity. When we don't, it's a sign of unhealthiness, and learning can help nurture healthier minds.

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Fascinating 2011 interview with Mary Lee Berners-Lee (1924-2017), whose eldest son invented the web. In 1951 she spent 3 days in a library learning about computers, became a pioneer of computer programming & fought for equal pay for women programmers.

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One of the best early lessons one of my early career mentors taught me is to never be loyal to companies.

be loyal to friends

to coworkers

to yourself

But never to corporations. Corporations are there to exploit you, not to take care of you. They are not loyal to you.

So DIY media: Release the things and talk about the things and this is so important.

Print the zines. Release the CDs and the Cassettes, even though it's a pain in the ass. Archive that shit. Give it away. Ask people to pay for it, too, but focus on making something that will last first.

(Because for most artists the problem isn't piracy it's obscurity.)

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This was 3 years ago! in 3 years, half the local music I listened to regularly disappeared.

And the people who made it, mostly, don't care anymore. They are parents with kids now, or they've moved on to other things.

3 years ago it was really important that no one heard their music that didn't pay for it. Now, you can't even pay for most of it.

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And, when I watched this play out in real time, I saw people frequently choosing not to archive their content in highly public places out of fear that

- It wasn't good enough


- People would take it without paying for it.

And I guess either of those things might actually be viable concerns the day that you release the content, but I can't tell you how many of those things that folks decided not to make *too* available are just gone now.

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Because in ten years, the only people that stand a chance of being remembered are the ones that we have proof existed.

If you don't write about your favorite local act, will anyone ever know about them?

If your favorite local act never releases a recording, will anyone ever care once they know about them?

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Today, there is hardly an excuse.

If you do something creative, music, acting, writing, whatever take the time to preserve it.

The people like me in future generations will thank you.

If you keep waiting until you're "Ready" you might never release anything.

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What I'm saying here:

If you create things, release them in to the world. Archive them as quickly as you can. Make sure that those things will still exist in ten years.

If you consume things that other people create, Talk About Them in Public Places. Write those blog posts (and put your blog somewhere that it's archives will still be around in ten years.)

Write some damn Zines. Shamelessly promote the things your friends create.

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The biggest systemic issues with technology occurred because of control and power -- not because people "didn't know better".

BSD KNEW about the Intel bug eleven years ago. Knowledge wasn't the failure point.

The failure point was consolidated power in the hands of childlike adults who style themselves as all-powerful -- some political, many corporate.

And they won't see a comeuppance, the ones truly at the top of things.

They never really do.

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But going from a class composition of people who were ALL "actually into computers" versus a class composition of 30% interested in tech, 70% interested in money?

That'd make the overall proficiency look pretty bad really fast.

Interfaces need to get easier, and (inevitably) do this whether we like it or not.

The key was never, IMO, that "there was a mountain for disciples to climb".

The key was genuine interest in the work.

Dudebros wrecked it.

Set an alarm so you remember to eat regular meals if you have a tendency to get caught up in work and forget.

So I initiated the process to delete my account. I'm now in the 14 days of purgatory until the deletion is finalized. Oddly but not surprising, the wait period is considerably longer than the one needed to purchase a handgun in the U.S. 🤔
It already feels like some weight has been lifted. Like a piece of my brain is free again. I didn't rely on FB that much but maybe it festered in the back of my mind more than I realized.


Don't give up on self care just because something didn't work for you. Keep trying new ways of being kind to yourself!

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It just means you're tired.

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