Cool, I'm dipping into dial-up speeds. This my friends, is "broadband" internet in rural America. :)

@jezra I feel your pain but my dad was a refugee that everyone is trying to kick out so it also feels like a bit of justice. Sorry not sorry.

Why would you want people to have bad internet service? you are a bad mean person.

@jezra Why do people want to deport my family members...?

Let's compare. (1) People want to deport people who came here seeking asylum and (2) Me who in response chuckles at the thought that the geographic region primarily responsible for that doesn't have broadband.

My post was about me, not about you. You know nothing about me other than a basic geographic description of where I live. If you want to discuss the state of internet service in various location, fine. Otherwise, you are just trolling. Not everything is about you.

@jezra lolz ok. Thanks for giving me permission to "discuss the state of internet service in various location[s]".

You wanted to force a complete stranger into a conversation of a topic of your choosing based on something tenuously related to something the stranger said. You tried this by telling the stranger that they deserve to have bad things happen to them based solely upon where the stranger lives.

It is common troll diversionary tactic.

If you want to talk about the matter of my initial post, I'm all ears. If you want to talk about how the internet could improve the lives of the people you dislike, I'm all ears.

If you want to troll, try using subtle sarcasm. It has more
appeal than telling people they deserve bad things to happen to them.


:: slow clap ::

Enjoy the slow internet brought to you by White Racism TM.

Internet options outside of metro areas are horrible due to economics and corporate greed. To me, that makes the issue one of class and not of race.
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