@tobinalex @nofuturist I think I recognise these things but can't remember where it was. It was raining (obv.) and something to do with Rob Roy.
(Check me sounding like I visited the country once 8 years ago instead of living here all my life...)

@priryo It's the late artist Ian Hamilton-Findlay's garden somewhere in the Pentlands. A really interesting place that I believe he dedicated to a Greek Goddess so it would count as a religious institution for tax purposes.

@tobinalex Ah! Then I've heard of it but it's not the place that I'm thinking of. Must visit it if it's as close as that.

Yup. It is called "Little Sparta" and it is in Dunsyre.


Scotland as obscure PC puzzle adventure game 


The head is too big. You cannot carry it.


The head appears to be staked in place. It resists your shoving.


@nofuturist I'd dread a trip there because I'd open my backpack and try to drag every single inventory item I have onto every interesting looking thing.

@JaronToots Thank you, it's the only truly funny thing I've ever thought of so I keep it year round.

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