folks that dont put the list of ingredients at the top of thier pinterest recipe get the wall first

let me tell you about the founding of america, the invention of the loom, and the time I fell in love with a coal miner

@hasya23 @laser Actually if it was that interesting I'd be cool with it. Instead it's always 15 paragraphs of "my grandma mak this its good" that you have to try to scroll past on their busted-ass website while you're in the grocery store.

@nofuturist @hasya23

well, dave cleaned out the back and my oldest is in school andoisadfasd;iofusa;iohfs;jkfa;fsad;sdf;iofa;sdo IDGAF!


@laser @hasya23 I made borscht last night and this is an excerpt from the instructions, NOT the intro blog post.

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