Beto o’rourke is the justin trudeau of the usa

Men going their own way? More like men: go away, because you're cancelled

The singularity will happen when people start fortifying their brains with deep-learning AI quantum computers in order to keep up with all of the latest celeb gossip

A journalist once asked John Lennon, "Is Ringo the best drummer in the world?"
And Lennon replied "He's not named Ringo. He's not even a drummer, or in the Beatles. He's a bad person and I hate him. The world is a worse place for having him in it, and I invite anyone who disagrees with me to shoot me with a gun. I am John Lennon."

Next on Sky News, Katie Hopkins fake-yelling children's names for 20 minutes, and then on the hour, weather

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Tom Waits: (is a nice piano boy)
Tom Waits' wife: listen to this *puts on captain beefheart*
Tom Waits: grumble growl swordfishes and trombones

The Canadian $2 coin is informally called the "Louie" in honor of Louis St Laurent, the inventor ice breaker ships

My friend whose uncle works at microsoft told me windows 11 is gonna be steampunk themed

(You, to the tiny elf man that you keep imprisoned in a magical gourd, from which he repeatedly escapes using trickery and deceit) "Are you out of your gourd?"

Meme theme line dance for teens
Do the dab
Strike a T pose (tide pods)
Fort the night away

"Like a crazy cat lady, without the cat or the lady"

Vape juice seller, I am going into battle and I want your dankest vape juices

My favorite part of the Emmys is when all of the comedians combine to form a mecha-host and do battle with the serpent of wind and sea kelp

Half Life 3 was canceled after a 2000-post flame-war on the Valve internal message board over the plan to re-write the plot and main character of the series as "Jordan Freegan"

Young adult live action reboot of Pinocchio where he has a goth girlfriend and bullies call him Pindorkio and he has an iphone and vapes

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