Just swallowed a whole werther's original by accident. I love it when that happens. It doesn't make me feel deeply uncomfortable at all.

Kelsey Grammer is just his stage name, his real name is Allen Kelsel Grammerstein

Dragged from a dusty shelf at the very back of the internet, found under a pile of fedoras sprinkled with neckbeard hairs, we find this meme-like example of web detritus, balancing on the cusp of the intersection of disgruntled atheoids and i-fucking-love-scientism

Earth has the most planets per planet in the whole world

Humming "Hail to the Chief" but in my head I'm thinking thief instead of chief

What Americans think Australia is like
What it's actually like

24/7 Lo-Fi Johny Johny Yes Papa Beats To Study and Relax To

Now Playing: Brooks and Dunn feat Skrillex - Congo Highway (The Chukudu Song) Dubstep Remix

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Can't stop thinking about "Busta Rhymes, but British"

"These Eastern-European War Criminals Just Paid A Touching Tribute To John McCain From Their Prison Cells In The Hague, And It Was Everything"

Hypercorrecting the word "raisins" to "raisings" to own the libs

Who would win:
-America's greatest diners, drive-ins, and dives
-One garlicky boi

"Now promenade and do-si-do,
bow to your Sensei in the dojo"
--Karate Line Dancing, the movie

Wearing polarized sunglasses at the computer and tilting my head left and right to adjust screen brightness

LIFE HACK: Wear your hoodie backwards to catch up on sleep at your desk. Not only will the hood act as a built-in sleep mask, but also if you sit backwards in your chair no one will know you're catching some zzz's. Or zeds as our British readers call them.

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