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life's a bad joke & worse, man

In an alternate reality, Crazy Frog got famous for a cover of 'Rockit' by Herbie Hancock

Early episodes of Seinfeld were weird because Kramer didn't have the hairstyle yet, George talked like woodie allen, and Elaine was a CGI bee

Working all day in the spice mines, coughing yellow clouds at night. Another casualty of "turmeric lung"

"I ain't tryna but I'm finna" Hillary said.
"Notice of meme acquisition" Biden retorted.
"Acquisition denied" Hillary stated. "Because unlike my opponent, I am bae, and I do look like a fam," her words ringing out in the derelict cooling tower, like the ashes falling from the sky

sunburns and sideburns serve nearly the same purpose in society

"smooth criminal" by michael jackson except it's just called "a truck"

wish I could get one of those six figure news jobs writing op-eds for baby boomers like "For the Children of the Recession, Political Scandal is their Tickle-Me-Elmo"

looking forward to the inevitable tolkien movie-franchise disney reboot in ten years, kicking off with 'the hobbit: bilbo dragons'

Aside from milk-, the field of shakes seems largely unexplored

ran out of Posting Points(tm) and had to lay off for a while

MECHANICAL TIP: "O" ring is short for "onion ring"

if they had called them "tactical stealth doritos" they would have sold millions to the gamer crowd