Guide to new Mastodon users: the furries control the east block, the French control the exercise yard, and the infosec people and gamerdevs have forged an alliance

@dimduning the trans ppl are the most fearsome. if you can join their gang you are set for life

@nolan Sole Russian vagabond is stealing donuts from the mess hall

@nolan This is hilarious to me because I'm in gamedev AND infosec.

@lindar ah so you're the one who brokered the peace treaty

@nolan Excellent. They haven't noticed the BSD folks. By the time they realize our presence, it will be too late!


@nolan On intersecting terrain, forge alliances.

@nolan Also, a REST API that's documented that allows custom UX would be amazing.

*contemplates VR integration*

@aoighost I want in-browser user scripts, kinda like Greasemonkey

@nolan For some aspects, yes, but I'm thinking direct integration in to apps.

@nolan Also, suggestion regarding 2FA. Have the user have to verify the code when they enable it so that they don't get locked out

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