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As you settle into Mastodon, be sure to learn the lingo:
- "toot": a tweet
- "tusking": starting a pointless fight with another user
- "woolly": going viral, as in "wow, that toot really went woolly"
- "extinction event": when a whole instance goes down

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@nolan I would reserve "extinction event" for when the last Tweep migrates to these moisty pastures.

@timp hell yeah, in this timeline it's the birds that go extinct baby

@lmorchard awoo is untranslatable, that's like asking a Japanese person to define "wabi-sabi"

@spiderrobotpig ohhhh didn't even notice! Tusky doesn't do that, looks like fruit users have a different experience from droid users :)

@nolan "ice age": when there isn't any activity in the entire network of all instances.

@nolan maybe each instance will have it's own slang? tooters florp, they don't fav things...

@compthink @nolan tooters awoo, french tooters pouet...

@nolan I'm still not sure about the whole toot thing, but I'm down for woolly lol

@cc especially since the originating toot was woolly af

@nolan "I was tusking in a toot which went wooly and caused an extinction event" Like that?

@nolan Brilliant! What about "stampede" when an instance overloads with new registrations?

@nolan I've been using "Tusking" for blocking.

And "boosting" should be "trumpeting".

/me stomps down.

@nolan thanks a lot for the Mastodon terms, I'm learning

Now I am picturing cute but angry Masto mascots tusking at each other.

@Concerned_Catgirl @nolan I've seen woolly in use, although I think the first time I've seen it was today, so...

Other than that and toot, though...

@nolan Tusking. Pointless. I see what you did there.

@nolan I've experienced a number of extinction events. 2 of 3 prior instances are extinct.

Giving these the official Mastolinguist☑️ seal of approval

So looks like I just recovered from an extinction event.